Welcome to Avid Toy Insider, the toy aficionado heaven. This website is dedicated to those out there, young and old, that refuse to grow up. This is a space where wackiness is in excess and playtime never ends. When you enter our website, the responsibilities of modern life are left at the door, as we only focus on good, honest, care-free fun. Here you’ll be able to find all the information you could possibly need about all the latest toys in the stores, the retro toys that are suddenly back in demand, and just about everything in between.

At Avid Toy Insider, we offer an all-inclusive toy guide experience. So if you are on the fence about grabbing the latest toy on the market, you want a history lesson on the best toys of decades past, or you want an expert review on whether an upcoming product is worth adding to your wish list, we are here to help. Here, we are just as passionate about the world of toys as you are and we promise to never grow up.

We have a team made up of adults who are kids at heart and refuse to grow up! Our team keeps up to date with the latest toys on the market, either through sharing the experience with their children or because of their continued passion for playtime! Each member of the team has spent thousands of dollars on toys, has lived through the change in the toy industry over the last few decades, and has an imagination that will forever run wild! 

Our Goals

Avid Toy Insider has one clear goal. To provide content that makes sure that you have the most fun possible. Whether that be reading our content, or using our content as a resource to find the best toys on the market. We aim to do this by ensuring that all of our content is in line with the current trends in the market, which means that we have our ear to the ground and we are constantly researching, contacting suppliers, and getting the inside scoop on what new toys are going to be hitting the shelves next.

Our team our part of hundreds of toy communities, threads and fourums, allowing them to get the latest on new products ahead of other publications. Meaning that we can deleiver the info to our readers fast, and allow you to get excited about new toys on the horizon!

We also aim to offer a completely inclusive and accessible service. This means that no matter what genre of toy you enjoy and no matter what kind of budget you have, we will provide a wealth of options and content, making sure that there is something that will suit your tastes and needs.

What We Offer 

At Avid Toy Insider, we offer a wealth of content, covering all bases to ensure that you come away from our website happy and satisfied. Here, we offer articles that will compare similar toy brands, we offer articles that will list the best toys on the market from certain properties and niches. We will offer product reviews so you know exactly how good or bad a particular toy is, so you can make an informed decision before buying.

We provide a wide range of articles that cater to all types of toy enthusiasts. We create articles that provide hottakes on high-end toys, but equally, we provide reviews and information on budget toys too. We believe that the joy toys provide shouldn’t be gatekept, and we ensure that our content is accessible for all!

We also offer content that is from an expert point of view. We are a group of writers and contributors that are as dedicated and passionate about delivering quality, toy-based content as you are about playing with and collecting toys.

How We Operate 

At Avid Toy Insider, we have several procedures in place to make sure that our content is as good as it possibly can be. Firstly, we have a dedicated team here that is passionate about the subject matter. To maintain this, we strive to learn all we can about the world of toys, absorbing all the knowledge we can about new brands, new types of toys, and new intellectual properties that lend themselves to the world of toys.

Our main goal is to provide content that is led by our community of readers. We believe that with our expert team of content creators, and the general concenus of the toy-crazy collective, we can provide content that is a cut above the rest, and ensure that every article is exciting, eye-catching, and adds more products to your toy wishlist!

Secondly, we also work hard to ensure that the written content is of the highest quality. So we fact-check every claim, we proofread multiple times and we make sure that the articles look pristine before we send them to print.

Lastly, we always keep an open connection to our community. We are receptive to feedback, we love to hear your suggestions and if you have a comment, we love to get wrapped up in a conversation about toys. Here we are all about growth, community, and, of course, fun.

Our Core Values

Here are the core values here at Avid Toy Insider

  • Community Driven
  • Relevancy
  • Passion
  • Consistency
  • A reluctance to ever grow up

Our Team

Now, it’s time to meet the team. Our writers are not only some of the finest professionals around. They are also some of the keenest toy enthusiasts you are likely to come across. Alongside years of writing experience and a wonderful way with words, our writers are avid toy collectors, know the difference between a defective toy and a toy that will stand the test of time. Plus, these guys have some of the most impressive toy collections that you can possibly imagine, making them the best fit for the job. Meet the team below:

Caroline Lambert

Carol was most fortunate as a child. She lived in Charlie’s Toy Factory, the alternative to Charlie’s Chocolate Factory. Ironically, Carol’s stepdad was Charlie. However, it was her mother who collected a factory of toys. Carol grew up in the 80s and 90s in an ocean of toys. Carol understands that her mom’s toy obsession was perhaps not too healthy, and she changed things when she became a mom. Instead of buying all the toys she could find, Carol studied toy trends and followed the latest crazes her children couldn’t stop talking about. From banana-crazed trends to educational and Montesorri toys, Carol selects her kid’s toys with greater skill. Carol spends time recreating nostalgic happiness with her daughter and son.

The best toys are those that fall into a theme, after all. Who doesn’t know Ghostbusters or The Little Mermaid? Carol does because it’s her daughter’s and son’s favorite themes. She also buys toys by activity and recommended age groups to help her kids develop the important skills they need in life. Carol doesn’t leave a stone unturned when she hunts new types of toys. From Lego to interactive toys, she’s always looking for the best toy for her kids. Carol strongly believes that different toys appeal to different kids and their needs. She loves sharing her experience as a parent while exposing the pet peeves and amazing advantages of each toy. Additionally, Carol is an avid collector, always considering whether a toy has collector potential. Carol is here to share the best toys she finds because she’s passionate about them and wants other parents to benefit from their potential rather than the setbacks.

What are Your Children’s Favorite Toys?

My daughter loves her Elmo Talking Plush because he became her best friend. She’s looked after him like a little brother for four years now, and I can’t believe how much she loves him. Try to take him away from her, I dare you. My son treats his Nerf Elite 2.0 Commander like an appendix to his arm, sometimes darting his sister when he forgets his sibling manners. If only he treated his sister like she treats her Elmo Plush.

Which Toys Helped Your Children With Early Childhood Development?

My daughter wasn’t the best at expressing her emotions, and her Triceratops mood plushy helped her to improve on a scale you can’t imagine. My son always loved Lego and building kits, and I strongly believe they helped him develop the sharp problem-solving skills he displays now.

Should Children Have a Say in Which Toys They Receive?

Undoubtedly! Kids should choose the theme behind their toys if you want them to use the toys to their fullest potential. Allow them to choose the theme, but help your kids select toys appropriate for the recommended ages and activities.

Do you Find it Possible to say no to New Toys When Your Kids Ask?

I love toys, and my kids would own Charlie’s Toy Factory if they could, but I have to say no sometimes. My kids have 20 or more toys at any given time, and it’s okay to say no. I always ask my kids to donate an old toy before buying a new one.

We hope that your time visiting Avid Toy Insider is a bundle of fun. May your search for the perfect toy be a success and may playtime never end!

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