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It’s sad when a toy becomes misunderstood, vanishing from the store’s shelves faster than ice on a summer day. However, I’m here to share the best Homies toys for the die-hard fans who refuse to allow controversy and generalization to remove an adorable line of figurines. Besides, these toys have become pretty collectible.

I’m a mom of two kids. So, don’t underestimate my doubt about the controversial toy theme. However, I look at all sides of a story. Kids deserve to collect the toy types they enjoy. In addition, my kids know the value of collectible toys, even though the Homies range isn’t age-appropriate for my daughter.

In contrast, my son understands how Homies figures can welcome role-playing activities without reenacting the so-called violence outside playtime. No toys would be left on the market if they inspired violence. Imagine everyone saying the ultimate Ninja Turtles toys encourage children to ninja-chop their friends. My point exactly.

So, let’s see which Homies toys are the best to start a Chicana-styled collection for older kids.

Homies Toys: Bottom Line Up Front

Homies is another brilliant toy theme for older kids and adult fans to collect. In addition, figurines inspire imaginative play. I don’t believe that kids learn violence through Chicana-styled figures. Instead, I see my son enjoying many so-called violent toy themes by acting out his frustrations on the playsets before going out.

As a result, my son manages his anger with playtime and not on the playground. However, each child is different. So, I’ll recommend that Homies figures are fantastic collectibles for kids over 14. Meanwhile, let me share my favorite pack. The Best Homies Series 13 Full-Figure Collection is my ultimate pick.

The full-figure collection includes all 24 Chicana characters from the last series of Homies figures. In addition, it’s a limited edition box with an authenticity certificate to double the collectible potential. This pack includes women, dogs, men, children, and two chase editions with varying styles. It’s a young collector’s dream pack.

However, I also have a few more Homies figure packs and series collections to check out before I share the many series and crossovers available.

More Top Homies Toys at a Glance

Homies toys are becoming rare commodities. So, glance at three more top picks before learning about the various series, how they cross with each other, and how rare the available options have become.

  1. The Best Homies Series Chase Figure Pack is one of Gonzales’ newest figure lines you can find on his online store. Meanwhile, you’ll never know which chase styles you’ll get with each purchase.
  2. The Best Homies Series 3 Hood Hounds Figure Collection is a favorite because I love the Hood Hounds series. In addition, it’s the complete Hood Hound series pack from the third launch.
  3. The Best Homies Series 2 Clowns Figure Pack is a top pick because clown-series Homies figures aren’t easy to find. Moreover, the clowns look brilliant among the hood figures.

Quick Tips for Homies Toys

Best Homies Toys for Young Collectors

Homies is a weird toy line consisting of collectible figurines only measuring two inches tall. They used to be in every department store’s vending machine, but they have become more collectible. David Gonzalez created comic strips and toys based on his childhood characters (and animals). The mini-figures are Chicano-styled.

Chicano characters are American men or boys with Mexican heritage. However, some series of Homies figures go beyond the Chicano characters by introducing animals and women. However, the animals ideally represent the people in the comic strips. For example, Pit Bulls are synonymous with Chicano characters.

So, Homies toys are collectible treasures you don’t easily find in stores anymore. However, various series are available if you look at resellers. I’ll share the best series you can still find in some stores. However, there’s a complete list of Homies series if you want to collect the toy figurines, but you’ll search for them:

  • Barrio Superstars
  • Big Heads
  • Bullyz
  • Chase
  • Clowns
  • Collector’s Series
  • County Dogpound
  • Homie Girl (rare and not traditionally Chicana-style)
  • Hood Hounds
  • Lil Homies
  • Palermo
  • Retired
  • Trailer Park
  • Zombies

In addition, you’ll find Homies series one through 13. Many Homies figurines come on collectible cards with multiple figures inside. For example, Homies Series 13 can have cards one to four. You’ll need all four cards to collect every Homies figure. Alternatively, you find some series sets on a single collectible card.

Furthermore, Homies also have blind boxes with Big Heads figures. You’ll need good luck to collect all the figures. Moreover, some Homies figures come as single editions. You’ll likely find single editions for the four main Homies: Hollywood, Pelon, Smiley, and Bobby Loco. Hollywood represents Gonzales.

Furthermore, every Homies figure can cross series. For example, a series one figure can also belong to a series retirement collection. Many Homies toy figures are available to collect. You’ll need someplace to start. So, let’s see how I picked the best Homies toys.

How I Picked the Best Homies Toys

Admittedly, it’s hard finding toys when someone takes them from our stores. However, I’m determined to find the best bang for your buck by sharing Homies figure packs and collections still available at Walmart and other retailers. Therefore, I won’t share single figurines from Homies. Instead, I’ll focus on groups from specific series.

You’ll have some Homies collections to start the controversial toy collection. My son loves collecting figures and becomes more determined like me when they gain a bad reputation. We know how valuable these figures can become as collectibles soon. However, few packs and collections are available.

Best Homies Toys: My Recommendations

Poor Gonzales never intended his figures to become controversial and be kicked out of retail stores. However, it turned them into sought-after collectibles for older kids and fans. So, let’s see which series packs and collections I found available because they’re the best starters before finding more collectibles.

Best Homies Series 13 Figure Card Collection

Homies Series 13 Figure Card Collection

This Homies figure collection includes every thirteenth edition pack but comes in four packs. So, I much prefer the ultimate series 13 collection because it has a single box and includes two chase figures. Meanwhile, this pack is an excellent starter if you can’t find my ultimate collection pack anymore.

Homies Toy Facts

  • Toy Type: Homies series 13 figure collection
  • Includes: All four blister cards
  • Edition: 1,2,3, & 4

Homies Toy Pros

  • The Homies figure pack includes all 24 characters
  • It comes straight from the original Gonzales merch website
  • You buy all four blister pack editions in one purchase
  • The series 13 collection has the infamous Pitbull dog figure
  • Each figurine measure two inches or less for a massive collection

Homies Toy-Cons

  • Unfortunately, the set comes in four separate packs
  • It’s much harder to display this collectible figure set

Best Homies Series 13 Full-Figure Collection

Homies Series 13 Full-Figure Collection

The Homies Series 13 Full-Figure Collection is the ultimate purchase for young collectors who enjoy the figurines they once saw in stores. But unfortunately, only 5000 of these packs hit the market. So, I’m afraid they might sell out because they’re more collectible than most Homies figure packs, including a certificate.

Homies Toy Facts

  • Toy Type: Homies series 13 figure collection
  • Includes: All the series characters and two bonus characters
  • Edition: Single pack

Homies Toy Pros

  • The Homies Series 13 Limited Edition collection is the most collectible figure pack
  • You get every series 13 characters, including a dog and chase versions
  • The packaging makes it easy for young fans to display the collection
  • You’ll never know which Sniper and Clavo you’ll get
  • The pack comes with an authentication certificate

Homies Toy-Cons

  • The collection might sell out before your young fan gets it
  • You can’t choose which chase versions arrive

Best Homies Series Chase Figure Pack

Homies Series Chase Figure Pack

The previous collection is fantastic, but you can add a pack of two chase figures for Sniper and Clavo with different styles if you buy the chase collection alone. Chase figures add a lot of excitement for young collectors. In addition, you can purchase a few and hope to find new styles for the two hood characters.

Homies Toy Facts

  • Toy Type: Homies Series 13 chase figure pack
  • Includes: Sniper and Clavo figures
  • Edition: Varied

Homies Toy Pros

  • The Homies Series Chase figure pack is a limited edition
  • You might get various styles if you purchase them multiple times
  • The two-pack figure collection includes two famous series, 13 characters
  • The figures come straight from Gonzales’ website
  • Chase figures are always collectible

Homies Toy-Cons

  • You might keep getting the same styles when you order multiple packs
  • You only get two of the series 13 characters

Best Homies Series Big Headz Figure Collection

Homies Series Big Headz Figure Collection

The Big Headz Series Homies figures are cute and funny. Gonzales was experimenting with chibi-style figures when creating this series. Meanwhile, you get most of the popular Chicana-styled characters from various series when you buy Big Headz figurines. In addition, a young collector can enjoy eight of the main Chicanas.

Homies Toy Facts

  • Toy Type: Homies Series Big Headz figure pack
  • Includes: Eight Homies figures
  • Edition: Primary characters

Homies Toy Pros

  • The Homies Big Headz figure pack includes famous characters
  • You’ll get Hollywood, Big Loco, Pelon, and Smiley figures
  • Big Headz Homies figures look hilarious
  • The figure pack adds a collectible touch
  • Kids will want the main Homies

Homies Toy-Cons

  • It’s a cross-series pack with different characters
  • It’s one of a few packs with eight figurines

Best Homies Series 1 Retired Figure Collection

 Homies Series 1 complete set

Do you know what’s funnier than the Big Headz or Clowns series Homies figures? The retired Homies figures from any series are comic. Smiley and Big Loco are two primary characters from most series. So, the retired Chicanas add a humorous element by turning them into oldies. A mature man’s figure looks weird.

Homies Toy Facts

  • Toy Type: Homies series 1 figure pack
  • Includes: Droopy, Sapo, Smiley, Big Loco, 8-Ball, and Mr. Raza
  • Edition: Retired Chicanas

Homies Toy Pros

  • The Homies Retired Series figure pack includes two legends
  • The humor can add a fun element for kids
  • The group consists of all six retirees from series one
  • It’s one of the more collectible and unusual packs
  • The faces are more expressive than most figures

Homies Toy-Cons

  • Some kids might not love the retiree figures
  • It should include Hollywood and Pelon figures

Best Homies Series Trailer Park Figure Collection

Best Homies Series Trailer Park Figure Collection

Have you seen the Trailer Park Boys on Netflix? Imagine Homies and those guys collaborating. Unfortunately, the Homies Trailer Park figures pack is from the creator’s comics, not the Netflix show. It would be hilarious, but these figures also bring a punch of giggles. Unfortunately, they look like they’re about to tear each other apart.

Homies Toy Facts

  • Toy Type: Homies Series Trailer Park figure pack
  • Includes: All 12 figures
  • Edition: Cowboy Slim Picker and Friends

Homies Toy Pros

  • The Homies Trailer Park Series figures are another favorite for humor
  • Each figure looks precisely like a trailer park character
  • Lil Billy Boy is a goofy-looking figurine for young fans
  • It includes all 12 figures from the unique series
  • The Trailer Park Series is hard to find

Homies Toy-Cons

  • The pack doesn’t come in a neat box or blister card
  • The series doesn’t include any dogs, which would be funnier

Best Homies Series 3 Hood Hounds Figure Collection

Homies Series 3 Hood Hounds Figure Collection

The Hood Hounds’ third series of dog figurines include Pitbulls, among other puppies. Each series of Homies figures had a pack of matching Hood Hounds or Dog Pound puppies. However, this collection is a legendary pack because it revolves around an American Pitbull picture. It’s a brilliant Homies figure collection.

Homies Toy Facts

  • Toy Type: Homies Hood Hound Series figure pack
  • Includes: All 12 dog figurines
  • Edition: Series 3

Homies Toy Pros

  • The Homies Hood Hound Series figure pack is the only dog series still available
  • I love the artwork in the center of the packaging
  • The puppies are super collectible and fantastic for kids
  • Each puppy measures around one inch for mini collectibles
  • Kids get American Pitbull, Bloodhound, and English Bulldog figures

Homies Toy-Cons

  • Two of the dogs don’t fit in with the rest
  • The pack is primarily Pitbulls, but that’s hood dogs

Best Homies Series 6 Figure Collection

Best Homies Series 6 Figure Collection

The most common Homies figure collections available are from series 13. In addition, I looked everywhere for series one and two, but to no avail. Every store had zero stock, even the official Gonzales online store. Meanwhile, I found another occasional series. The Homies Series 6 figure pack is super collectible.

Homies Toy Facts

  • Toy Type: Homies series 6 figure pack
  • Includes: All 12 characters
  • Edition: Series 6

Homies Toy Pros

  • The Homies Series 6 figure collection is a rare find
  • The pack includes interesting characters like Chilote and Lizard
  • You get all of the sixth series characters in one collection
  • The policeman figurine is an exciting and funny addition
  • The box shows the characters in new styles

Homies Toy-Cons

  • Not all young fans will remember the sixth series
  • You don’t get special packaging with this collection

Best Homies Series 2 Clowns Figure Pack

Homies Series 2 Clowns Figure Pack

Clown Homies from any series are challenging to find. However, I saw the second series of Clown Homies and had to share them. I never understood the Clown Series of Homies figures, but they’re collectible enough to forget about any misunderstandings. In addition, these figure packs are incredible finds for kids.

Homies Toy Facts

  • Toy Type: Homies Clown figure pack
  • Includes: All six clowns
  • Edition: Series 2

Homies Toy Pros

  • The Homies Clown Series figure pack is a limited find
  • Children get all six clowns from the second series of Homies
  • Each figure looks as insane as it should
  • I love the styles of each figure, matching the clown’s bad habits
  • The inspiration behind Clown Homies is straightforward

Homies Toy-Cons

  • The clowns look pretty scary for younger kids
  • I can’t find Clown Homies from other series


Question: Why Are Homies Toys So Hard to Find in Stores?

Answer: Homies toys subtly promote a gangster lifestyle, which isn’t what Gonzales intended. Nonetheless, the figurines looked like Chicano-styled gangsters with controversial dog breeds. So, law enforcement forced retailers like Walmart and Target to stop selling the toys, making them more collectible.

Question: Where Can I Still Buy Homies Figures?

Answer: Unfortunately, Walmart, Amazon, and other retailers have very few options online. No store sells the Homies figures on their shelves anymore. However, some stores are still clearing stock. Meanwhile, there’s one place you can find Homies figures and new collections as they come: the official Homies online store.

Question: Which Rare Homies Figures Can I Buy?

Answer: Homies figures are all becoming rare, and you’ll have to surf websites like eBay to find the collectible and rare Homies figures. Here are some fantastic rare finds I saw on eBay, including older series Homies figures you won’t find elsewhere:
Homies Series 1 Figure Pack
Homies Series 4 Figure Pack
Homies Series 5 Figure Pack
Homies Clowns Series 1 Figure Collection
Homies Lil Homies Series Figure Pack
Homies Mijos Series Figure Pack
Homies Palermos Series Figure Collection
Unfortunately, most Homies figure packs I find on eBay are incomplete collections or blister packs with six figures. The collections are complete. However, you’ll need to keep an eye on the eBay resellers to complete most of the older series Homies figure collections. So, happy hunting, but you’ll undoubtedly find rare packs.

Best Homies Toys: Conclusion

It’s incredible how controversy can turn a Homie’s toy figure into a highly sought-after collectible. Meanwhile, I don’t mind my son collecting them. I’ll even help him source rare packs and collections on eBay if he wants to collect Homies figures. I’m a mom, but I’m also a collector who understands the potential for high value.

Furthermore, there are endless Homies toy figures for kids over 14 to collect. It gives them something to cherish and invests their allowance for later returns. So, I recommend starting your young fan with the Best Homies Series 13 Full-Figure Collection because it has a certificate and includes all the characters.

In addition, the collection has two chase variants, a new concept to Homies figures. So, help your young collector find their best Homies toys to start a magnificent toy collection.

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