Ultimate Ninja Turtles Toys: Unusual Types

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Cowabunga and Booyakasha are two familiar catchphrases you likely hear at home if your kids love the Ninja Turtles. However, have you ever felt a lack of variety when looking for these toys? Fortunately, my kids enjoy a variety, and I’m here to share the ultimate Ninja Turtles toys that go beyond action figures.

Indeed, action figures are a favorite toy type from the theme. Still, you don’t always want your little ones yelling Cowabunga with an army of Ninja Turtles figures you can step on like thorns. So instead, you might also enjoy other options that encourage more activities and appeal to multiple age groups.

If the sound of Booyakasha varieties excites you as a parent, let me put my Donatello costume on to present the most epic toys.

ninja turtles toys

Ninja Turtles Toys: Bottom Line Up Front

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been around since the late 1980s, and it’s a toy theme I can share an interest in with my children. Unfortunately, most of the toys are action figures. However, I prefer my kids to play with various toy types because they enjoy different activities resulting in valuable skill development.

Therefore, I’ve picked the best TMNT toys from various types. I looked hard to find the non-figure toys and included a few fantastic action figures for avid fans. So, you’ll find something for any child of any age. In addition, your kids will enjoy various activities because no two children love the same playtime adventures.

But first, let me share my ultimate TMNT toy upfront. The LEGO Ninja Turtles Takedown Van Building Kit is my favorite pick, and it’s the last LEGO kit you’ll find for the TMNT brand. LEGO might make more sets, but this building kit is the only available option for now. Building kits have a lot of potentials.

Children can learn educational values from LEGO kits. In addition, they can play socially, enjoy the build, and use the set as a playset once completed. LEGO Ninja Turtles kits have more potential than most, making them an ultimate pick for my son. He loves building models before enjoying the playsets.

Furthermore, I selected a few fabulous Ninja Turtles toys from different types. So, check them out before learning more about the TMNT toy range.

A Glance at the Best Ninja Turtles Toys

The Ninja Turtles have a surprising range of toy types. Still, I’ll share a glance at four more brilliant options to give children variety. Then, you can learn how I picked them before checking the details on what makes each one unique for young TMNT fans.

  1. The TMNT Hybrid Metal Interactive Raphael Action Figure is the best Ninja Turtles action figure. It has interchangeable parts and becomes an interactive wonder for kids. But, unfortunately, TMNT has too many action figures. So, the top pick must have exceptional qualities.
  2. The best Ninja Turtles toy vehicle is the TMNT Michelangelo Battle Bike Playset because it also has interactive qualities with missile-launching abilities. Imagine a child’s adventures with simulated play when they have a playset that shoots missiles. It’s one of the best vehicle toys from the TMNT range.
  3. The best Ninja Turtles plush is the TY Beanie Babies Ninja Turtles Donatello Plush because it’s a collectible brand. In addition, it brings another legendary Ninja Turtle to life for kids who want the best toys. I collected Beanie Babies growing up. So, my children share a passion for collectible plushies.
  4. The best Ninja Turtles role-play toy is the TMNT Leonardo’s Stealth Sword Toy because kids can enjoy imaginative games with friends outside. It’s also better than TMNT dress-up costumes that get dirty and worn down. This toy weapon is Leonardo’s famous sword.

Ninja Turtles Toys: Beyond Action Figures

The Ninja Turtles are icons of the 1980s and 1990s, meaning I grew up with and shared the nostalgia with my kids. Many Ninja Turtles have appeared since, and the franchise had more movies and series than most. However, the toy range can feel limited. It seems all you can find are action figures. But more toys exist.

You have to look harder to find the wide variety of toys available for the Ninja Turtles. I found this article’s toys range from electronic to card games, role-play toys, and plushies. So, my advice is to find toys beyond action figures because you can’t buy a young Ninja Turtles fan action figures alone.

Other toys also have benefits, which I’ll share under each toy. For example, the Ninja Turtles Role-Play Costume encourages children to be social, play outdoors, and learn communication and emotional skills in group playtime activities. In contrast, the LEGO Ninja Turtles Building Kit has educational and cognitive values.

Unfortunately, finding Ninja Turtles LEGO kits is nearly impossible, but the educational benefits outweigh action figures and other toys. Ultimately, Ninja Turtles is a multi-generational toy theme you can enjoy with your kids. So, it helps to look for various toy types that encourage multiple activities and benefits.

lego turtles ninja

How I Picked the Ultimate Ninja Turtles Toys

All my talk about finding Ninja Turtles toys beyond action figures is nearly as scary as the Ninjas on the show. However, I’ll be the one looking for the diamonds in the rough. So, allow me to source the best Ninja Turtles toy types that fit into two or more activities, encouraging exceptional benefits for children.

The top toys will include action figures and figure playsets because they’re part of the leading toy types you’ll find. However, I’ll also look for the best plush and electronic toys. Next, you’ll have an incredible variety of Ninja Turtles toys. Finally, I’ll find Ninja Turtles toys that should cover most fans’ ages.

Ultimate Ninja Turtles Toys: Top Picks

The Ninja Turtles toy range has phenomenal choices, including action figures and figure playsets. However, I promised a variety of toy types. So, that’s what I bring to the table. Furthermore, I’ll share the recommended ages for each TMNT toy, which activities children can enjoy, and what might take value away from the toys.

Best Ninja Turtles Action Figure: TMNT Hybrid Metal Interactive Raphael Action Figure

TMNT Hybrid Metal Interactive Raphael Action Figure

Raphael is my favorite and the strongest Ninja Turtle among the four. So, I looked for a fantastic action figure children could enjoy. The interactive qualities of this action figure make it exceptional. In addition, the figure has extra hands and accessories to change things. Furthermore, kids even get two headpieces to enjoy.

Toy Facts

  • Characters: Raphael
  • Toy Type: TMNT action figure
  • Activities: Imaginative and interactive play
  • Ages: 3+


  • The TMNT Raphael action figure includes accessories, headpieces, and interchangeable hands
  • The action figure has impressive details and movable joints
  • Children can change Raphael’s expressions with his headpieces
  • Kids learn social, communication, and creative skills


  • Raphael’s one headpiece looks super angry
  • The Ninja Turtle’s one pair of hands look furious

Best Ninja Turtles Action Figure Pack: Playmates TMNT 6-Pack Action Figure Set

Playmates TMNT 6-Pack Action Figure Set

The Ninja Turtles had some unfriendly foes when the shows began. I remember some of these villains. So, the TMNT classic cohorts villains would inspire children to play outside the lines with their current TMNT action figures. Of course, it doesn’t help to give children three of the exact figures. So instead, give them some villains.

Toy Facts

  • Characters: Bebop, Krang, Rocksteady, Slash, Footsoldier, and Baxter Stockman
  • Toy Type: TMNT action figure pack
  • Activities: Social and imaginative play
  • Ages: 8+


  • The TMNT action figure pack includes six retro villains
  • Each action figure has some movable parts
  • The mini-figures come in a neat tin for easy storage
  • Children learn social, emotional, and language skills in social play


  • Not all children will know the retro cohort villains
  • The figures aren’t premium quality

Best Ninja Turtles Action Figure Playset: TMNT Donatello Action Figure Set

TMNT Donatello Action Figure Set

How can you improve on an action figure? The answer is to give a child a playset with accessories to use with the action figure. Donatello comes with a playset with actionable accessories to use with his figure. The rack of toy weapons can fit into Donatello’s hands to make children reimagine the epic TMNT battles.

Toy Facts

  • Characters: Donatello
  • Toy Type: TMNT action figure playset
  • Activities: Social, creative, and imaginative play
  • Ages: 3+


  • The TMNT Donatello action figure includes a rack of accessories
  • The frame consists of Donatello’s iconic toy staff
  • The action figure has movable parts to help imaginative games
  • Children develop emotional, critical thinking, and social skills


  • It’s not a premium action figure with excessive articulation
  • Kids can’t change Donatello’s battle-ready facial expression

Best Ninja Turtles Easy Building Kit: Mega Contrux TMNT Donnie’s Mouser Attack Playset

Mega Contrux TMNT Donnie's Mouser Attack Playset

The LEGO building kit is a phenomenal piece of educational playtime values. Still, there’s another construction kit for the Ninja Turtles. Mega Contrux has a playable playset that includes a model-building experience first. Children can enjoy another version of Donatello with this building kit, which works for younger kids.

Toy Facts

  • Characters: Donatello
  • Toy Type: TMNT building kit
  • Activities: Interactive, creative, and educational play
  • Ages: 5+


  • The Mega Contrux TMNT building kit appeals to younger kids
  • It’s a simple construction kit that welcomes imaginative games
  • The playset is constantly changing for different games
  • Children learn critical thinking, problem-solving, and spatial reasoning


  • I would recommend this playset for kids over four
  • Unfortunately, the set only includes Donatello

Best Ninja Turtles Interactive Toy: Arcade TMNT Electronic Pinball Machine

Boardwalk Arcade Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Electronic Pinball

You’re probably wondering why I would share a pinball machine because they’re pricy. However, this electronic TMNT pinball machine is a children’s toy with a matching price tag. In addition, it’s a beautiful machine with fantastic features. It makes children feel like they’re visiting an old-school arcade on their way home.

Toy Facts

  • Characters: All Turtles
  • Toy Type: TMNT electronic toy
  • Activities: Interactive, social, and creative play
  • Ages: 3+


  • The TMNT pinball machine is a classic with all the characters
  • It’s an electronic toy with a screen for the pinball game
  • It’s a super-easy model the size of your hand
  • Kids get creative skills and sensory stimulation from electronic games


  • The TMNT pinball machine is tiny compared to arcade games
  • Not every button works on this TMNT electronic toy

Best Ninja Turtles Toy Vehicle: TMNT Michelangelo Battle Bike Playset

tmnt michelangelo battle bike playset

Michelangelo’s battle bike playset is stunning because it includes another legend. However, it comes second to the interactive abilities of the RC model I’ll share soon. Nonetheless, it’s my top pick because it includes a legend’s figure with the interactive vehicle. It even has a safety helmet to teach younger kids about bikes.

Toy Facts

  • Characters: Michelangelo
  • Toy Type: TMNT toy vehicle
  • Activities: Interactive, social, and imaginative play
  • Ages: 3+


  • The Michelangelo battle bike playset includes accessories
  • The playset has interactive abilities to shoot missiles while riding
  • Children can also open various hatches and parts of the bike
  • Interactive toys stimulate the senses and teach cognitive skills


  • Unfortunately, Michelangelo’s figure isn’t premium-quality
  • The figure doesn’t balance well on top of the bike

Best Ninja Turtles LEGO Building Kit: LEGO Ninja Turtles Takedown Van Building Kit

lego ninja turtles 79115 turtle van takedown building set

My son began building LEGO kits as young as four. I always encourage him to pursue his passion for construction toys because of the many educational benefits. In addition, he enjoys a phenomenal playset once he finishes the model. This LEGO kit is the only widely-available option for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Toy Facts

  • Characters: Raphael, Michelangelo, Vern, and Foot Soldier
  • Toy Type: TMNT LEGO building kit
  • Activities: Constructive, sensory, creative, and educational play
  • Ages: 6 to 12


  • The TMNT LEGO kit has 368 pieces to ignite creativity
  • It includes four impressive LEGO mini-figures
  • Children enjoy the interactive vehicle once they finish building it
  • LEGO kits help children develop cognitive skills


  • Unfortunately, it doesn’t include all four Ninja Turtles
  • LEGO limits the age recommendations, but I would also encourage older kids to enjoy it

Best Ninja Turtles Outdoor Toy: TMNT Walkie Talkie Playset

tmnt walkie talkie playset

My least favorite part of TMNT is the sewers, but it’s the famous headquarters of the Ninja Turtles. However, I would encourage children to spend time outdoors, not in sewers. So, the walkie-talkies would make an exceptional outdoor toy to motivate children to soak up the sun and ditch the sewer vibes.

Toy Facts

  • Characters: None
  • Toy Type: TMNT walkie talkies
  • Activities: Social, outdoor, and interactive play
  • Ages: 8 to 12


  • The TMNT walkie-talkies will walk children out the door
  • Kids need to invite friends over to enjoy both models
  • It’s another interactive TMNT toy with the potential for imaginative play
  • Walkie-talkies can help kids with language and social issues


  • It doesn’t have the most extended range
  • Kids need a friend to play with them

Best Ninja Turtles Plush: TY Beanie Babies Ninja Turtles Donatello Plush

ty beanie babies ninja turtles donatello plush

I always look for plushies with a collectible opportunity because my mother taught me to collect valuable soft toys. In addition, I passed the collectible hobby down to my kids. So, Donatello’s Beanie Babies plush stands out more than others. Of course, you’ll also find Beanie Babies plush for the other Ninja Turtles.

Toy Facts

  • Characters: Donatello
  • Toy Type: TMNT plush
  • Activities: Social and imaginative play
  • Ages: 3+


  • Donatello comes as a collectible plush
  • The TMNT plush’s face looks adorably angry
  • The details are exquisite, and the plush is of excellent quality
  • Plushies teach children emotional skills


  • It’s only one of the Ninja Turtles
  • The feet look awkward on this Beanie Baby plush

Best Ninja Turtles RC Vehicle: Hollywood Rides 1:12 RC TMNT Vehicle

hollywood rides rc tnmt vehicle

I mentioned I would share another TMNT toy vehicle. Remote-controlled toys are fantastic interactive opportunities for kids. Still, I prefer the other car because this one doesn’t focus on a specific character. In addition, this RC model is better suited for kids over eight. However, it’s a magnificent TMNT toy.

Toy Facts

  • Characters: None
  • Toy Type: TMNT RC vehicle
  • Activities: Interactive, social, and educational play
  • Ages: 8+


  • The TMNT vehicle has remote-controlled abilities
  • It has a massive range for kids to enjoy
  • It looks like a classic buggy from the 1980s
  • RC models teach kids about spatial reasoning and critical thinking


  • The model doesn’t focus on a particular character
  • It works better for outdoor play

Best Ninja Turtles Role-Play Toy: TMNT Leonardo’s Stealth Sword Toy

teenage mutant ninja turtles leonardos stealth sword

Role-playing games are brilliant ways for kids to adopt many skills they need in real life. However, I chose a role-playing weapon because it helps children play strategy games. In addition, the electronic stealth sword has interactive abilities to make playtime activities an exciting adventure for TMNT fans.

Toy Facts

  • Characters: Leonardo
  • Toy Type: TMNT toy weapon
  • Activities: Creative, interactive, and role-play
  • Ages: 4+


  • The toy sword has interactive abilities
  • It stimulates children’s creative minds with sounds and lights
  • This toy weapon belongs to another TMNT legend
  • Interactive and role-play toys teach kids about strategy


  • The stealth sword needs batteries to operate
  • Kids can poke each other, but they won’t hurt each other

Best Ninja Turtles Vehicle Playset: Hot Wheels TMNT Leonardo vs. Raphael Monster Trucks

hot wheels tmnt leonardo vs raphael monster trucks

I’ll always look for TMNT toys with collectible potential because the franchise is nostalgic. Therefore, the Hot Wheels Ninja Turtles car series work for both of my reasons. In addition, I chose the Monster Truck variants with two models to entice children to benefit from the advantages of these TMNT toys.

Toy Facts

  • Characters: Leonardo and Raphael
  • Toy Type: TMNT Hot Wheels toys
  • Activities: Interactive and social play
  • Ages: 3+


  • Hot Wheels is also a collectible brand
  • Monster Trucks are popular choices
  • TMNT Monster Trucks bring two fandoms to life
  • Kids learn spatial and cognitive skills with toy cars


  • Kids might want to keep them packaged
  • The sets work better for two children


Question: Which Ninja Turtles Villain Action Figures Are Popular?

Answer: Adding villains to your child’s action figure collection inspires them to play imaginative and strategic games. So, you might consider a few famous TMNT villains. The TMNT Rat King Action Figure and the TMNT Shredder Action Figure are classics. Alternatively, buy a TMNT Classic Cohorts Action Figure Pack.

Question: Which Ninja Turtles Action Figure Is the Best?

Answer: The Ninja Turtles have more action figures than most franchises because the shows started in the late 1980s. However, I can pin the best Ninja Turtle action figure down to the strongest of the four. Raphael is the strongest and most-skilled Ninja Turtle. So, the TMNT Ultimates 7-Inch Raphael Action Figure is a winner.

Question: Which Ninja Turtles Action Figures Are Collectible?

Answer: Some brands make better-quality action figures than others. For example, the Nickelodeon TMNT Raphael Action Figure is impressive and unusual. The figure has premium articulation, allowing children to maneuver it in unimaginable ways. In addition, it has quality materials with long-lasting durability.

turtles toys

Ultimate Ninja Turtles Toys: Conclusion

Finally, you know the ultimate Ninja Turtles toys go beyond action figures to inspire new skills and activities. So, it’s time to pick your child’s favorite Turtle or toy type and buy it. I recommend the LEGO Ninja Turtles Takedown Van Building Kit because it has more benefits than most toy types.

In addition, LEGO TMNT toys are rare this year. However, buy your child the TMNT toy of their dreams because you have a variety from which to choose. Then, watch them enjoy the iconic heroes.

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