The Best Princess Toys for Various Ages

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I remember as a child wanting and needing the best princess toys out there. I’ve worked with children in preschools and elementary schools and noticed they still dream of their parents buying them the newest princess toys.

Whether your budget is sky-high or low, you could still find princess toys on a budget. Check out this article today to pick out the best toys for your little one with all budgets in mind.

Bottom Line Up Front

I would have to go with the Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Cinderella Doll for my personal favorite. Not only does she remind me of my dreams when I was a child of growing up and getting married, but Cinderella is all about us having our dreams come true.

My Top Picks

  1. Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Cinderella Doll-She has a beautiful shimmering dress that many children will love!
  2. Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Rapunzel Doll-Rapunzel has beautiful locks for your child to practice styling hair and playing with this doll activating her imagination.
  3. Disney Snow White Classic Doll-Snow White is a classic since many think she’s the first Disney princess.
  4. Disney Princess Ariel Doll My Size-Let your child have a Disney princess that’s their size! She’s still an affordable rate as well.

Why Buy Princess Toys?

Best Princess Toys

No matter your child‘s age, I’ve seen several children learn and grow through play. Using imaginative play is essential whether they want to be a teacher, creator, writer, etc.

Princess toys are a great way to buy something affordable that your child will love. Watch their eyes light up as they pick up their new princess toy with a shimmering princess dress or fun accessories to help them grow!

How I Chose the Best Princess Toys

Since affordability is essential to me, I looked for one of the top things. As a result, you won’t see an item over $100 on this list at posting.

I fully believe that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for your child to have fun and learn through imagination.

Next, I looked at age ranges since all toys aren’t suitable for every age. This list has various dolls and not just Disney princesses.

Most Affordable

Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Cinderella Doll


I mentioned earlier that this doll was my favorite. She’s also affordable at only $10.49, and you can order her right off of Amazon today. I fully believe in deals and shopping for sales. Honestly, I love that this doll is affordable even though she’s a famous princess.


  • A beautiful shimmering dress
  • Affordable
  • A popular Disney princess toy


  • No particular actions from this doll
  • Limited accessories
  • Not for under 3

Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Rapunzel Doll

Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Rapunzel Doll

While the story of Rapunzel wasn’t my most favorite, I can’t deny that I always loved her long and beautiful hair. Your little girl or boy can practice braiding, brushing, and more with this doll‘s long hair.


  • It comes with accessories and an outfit.
  • Affordable
  • Supports your child‘s imagination and learning through play


  • Only for three and up
  • It’s just the doll; she doesn’t come with unique abilities.
  • Since her hair is longer, it can get tangled easily.

Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Snow White Doll

I love the shimmer collection since it’s the Disney princesses at an affordable rate. I remember as a child some of these dolls would be much more than the traditional choices.

Snow White from the shimmer selection is popular, so you want to order her fast! She also has a lovely shimmering skirt that your child is bound to love.


  • Beautiful shimmery skirt
  • Comes with accessories
  • Affordable


  • Limited availability
  • Only for kids three and up

Sparkle Girlz Dolls

Sparkle Girlz Dolls

Some kids I worked with weren’t interested in Disney dolls but still wanted princesses. This doll is a great option, especially if your child loves fantasy. Fairy and unicorn lovers unite! Also, if you love a surprise, these come with three dolls.


  • Unique dolls
  • You’ll be surprised what you’ll get.
  • Affordable for three dolls


  • Only for three and up
  • You might wind up with 3 of the same doll.

Best Princess Toys for Birth-Age 2

June Garden 14″ Soft Baby Doll Vera

june garden

A princess toy is an excellent addition, no matter your age. I love how this doll is soft and perfect for cuddling with your newborn. You don’t have to worry about any small pieces for your little one to latch onto either.


  • For all ages
  • Soft plush toy
  • Perfect for your child as they grow


  • It might be boring for older children.
  • No unique pieces or abilities
  • Mid-range in price

Mon Ami Swan Princess Ballerina Doll

mon ami

I always thought of being a ballerina as a child, as do many children. I love how delicate and petite this doll is. If your child is a future ballerina, they can match their pink tutus!


  • For as young as three months
  • Can provide your child with entertainment for years
  • Soft and cuddly


  • Limited design
  • Basic doll without any abilities
  • A more expensive toy

Little Adventures Ice Princess Doll

Little Adventures Ice Princess Doll

I love how this doll is perfect for 12 months and up! This doll is a great way to get your child hooked on Frozen early. I remember how when my niece was a toddler, she’d want to listen to “Let It Go” repeatedly. She would have LOVED this!


  • Your child can have a soft and fun princess early on.
  • This doll can be fun to play with for years to come.


  • Since it’s a basic doll, your older child might get bored.
  • It’s a mid-range price, so not super affordable.

Non-Doll Princess Toys

ToyVelt Princess Dress Up & Play


I love how this comes with various dress-up items for children. It includes shoes, jewelry, and of course, a tiara to crown your little princess.

This doll will also bring you back to your childhood and make you remember those fun moments. It also comes with four pairs of shoes for play and imagination!


  • Four pairs of shoes
  • Multiple jewelry items
  • Great for play and imagination
  • Imagination is vital for proper growth.


  • It’s mid-range as far as the price.
  • It’s not suitable for young children since it has smaller items.

Little Tikes Ice Princess Magic Mirror

This toy is excellent for having your child play dress-up and activate their imagination. I love how it has an illuminated vanity with lights and sounds for your princess to get ready. It’s a more affordable vanity, too, and I love deals!


  • Affordable as far as vanities go
  • Interactive with lights and sounds
  • Supports play and imagination
  • It has a magic mirror.


  • It’s more expensive than other toys.
  • You’ll need to put it together and set it up.

Just Play Disney Princess Jasmine Styling Head

Just Play Disney Princess Jasmine Styling Head

This toy is an excellent toy for all future cosmetologists! Whether or not your child wants to become a cosmetologist, this is a great practice activity for them.

Let your child practice styling Jasmine’s hair, and before you know it, they might be styling their own! It even comes with Jasmine’s magic lampbrush, which brings me back to my childhood!


  • It comes with a complete set of items for fun while styling hair.
  • Choose from ribbons and barrettes to style and practice with Jasmine’s hair.


  • Mid-range price
  • Not suitable for under 3
  • It might be a bit monotonous for younger children.

e-Joy Indoor/Outdoor Fairy Princess Castle Tent


Your child will love the shimmering stars and open area for their toys to go. Whether you want to play inside or outside, you can set up the tent.


  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Large for your child and their toys
  • Affordable


  • It might not be well suited for younger children.
  • It’s hard to place up and down; it’s better to keep it in 1 location.

Star Wars The Black Series Princess Leia Action Figure

I was always a fan of Star Wars and Princess Leia. This toy is exciting because Princess Leia stands up for herself, and she’s ready to defend herself.


  • She comes in a fashionable outfit.
  • Has a toy accessory
  • Great for role-playing


  • It’s on the higher end
  • Some parents might not like the fact it comes with a toy gun.

How To Pick a Toy for Children

I recommend choosing dolls of various skin tones where your child plays. This toy is an excellent way to understand that everyone looks different and not necessarily like them.

Dressing up is excellent for various ages since it teaches your child to play pretend. As they play, this will help them increase their independence as well.

Find an age-specific dollhouse for your child. There are various small princesses that you can find. This toy is a great way to mix and match their toys and expand their imagination.

How To Pick a Toy for Toddlers


Consider toddler-friendly dollhouses for your child to expand their imagination. Teach them that even princesses can grow up to be astronauts, lawyers, teachers, etc.

Other great options are toy trains, plastic food, blocks, dress-up clothing, and stuffed animals.

Child Safety Tips

Pay attention to the age range for each toy before you give them to your child. Even if it’s within their age, it’s essential to watch them while they play.

Watch out for items that have small pieces or accessories. Read through all of the descriptions before you let them play.

Go through all of the warning labels as well. You must pack items away when your child finishes playing to watch them. You can make clean-up time fun by singing while placing items in a toy box.


Question: What is the Best Princess Ever?

Answer: This is up to your personal opinion!

Although some of the most popular include:

  • Cinderella
  • Snow White
  • Belle
  • Rapunzel
  • Jasmine
  • Pocahontas

If you’re looking for a princess that beats to her drum and shows how important it is to learn and think for yourself, then choose Belle! She’s honestly my favorite since she has darker hair like myself. Many children can also relate to this.

Question: Who is the Most Famous Princess in Real Life?

Diana, Princess of Wales, was one of the most famous princesses, and in my opinion, rightfully so. She was a very caring person and enjoyed helping others through volunteer work, making the best princess!

Question: Who is the Most Underrated Disney Princess?

Merida. While she isn’t glitzy like Cinderella or Snow White, she’s brave and beats to her own drum. Although rough around the edges, she teaches children how critical listening to their goals and dreams is.

Question: Who is the Most Imaginative Disney Princess?

I feel like Tiana from The Princess, and the Frog is. She’s incredibly talented in the kitchen and knowledgeable. I’d say Belle is a close second.

Question: Who is the Newest Disney Princess?

Moana! She’s a brave and independent Disney princess who can protect herself. She teaches children that it’s important to be independent and strong as they reach their goals.

Question: Who was the First Disney Princess?

Snow White as far as full-length movies go. Before, it was Persephone.

Question: What Princess is Not Disney?

While they’re often mistaken for Disney princesses, Anna and Elsa are not. As a result, they’re not a part of the official Disney Princess lineup.

Anastasia isn’t a Disney princess either. Instead, she portrays an actual princess who lived in Russia.

Question: How Many Disney Princess Dolls are There?

If your child loves collecting Walt Disney World princesses, then you’re in luck! There are 12 princesses.

The favorite Disney princess choices include:

  • Moana
  • Merida
  • Rapunzel
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Tiana
  • Mulan
  • Aurora
  • Ariel
  • Belle
  • Cinderella
  • Snow White
  • Jasmine
  • Pocahontas

Question: Who is the Best Non-Disney Princess?

Some popular choices include:

  • Anastasia (from Anastasia)
  • Fiona (from Shrek)
  • Odette (The Swan Princess)
  • Thumbelina (from Thumbelina)

The Best Princess Toys Bottom Line

While I love many princesses out there, especially Disney princesses, the Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Cinderella Doll is my favorite. I can’t get over how beautiful and shimmery her dress is that I’m sure any child will love! Not only is she a fun doll for your child to play with, but she’s affordable and will give them hours of fun and imagination!

Before buying one of the best princess toys for your child, make sure that it’s within their age range. Also, watch out for toys with choking hazards for your little ones, and be wary of too many accessories for them.

Look at all warning labels and instructions before handing the toy to your child. Toddlers love to put items in their mouths!

Pick out the proper princess for your child today and watch their imagination and exploration come to life.

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