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Does your child’s imagination also soar as high as the most enormous, meanest dragon they imagine? Then, welcome my best dragon-themed toys because I share a dragon-loving son who played with them endlessly. Themed toys are a parent’s best friend to encourage the type of playtime activities that benefit our children.

Fortunately, many children adore fantasy play with dragon-themed toys, and many types are appropriate for various ages. As a mother (sometimes thinking I’m the real-life mother of dragons), I found joy in watching my son enjoy his favorite dragon toys. They taught him so much, and he enjoyed every moment of them.

Would you love to know how the best dragon-themed toys can turn your child into an excitable learning kid?

The Ultimate Dragon-Themed Toy Upfront

Dragon-themed toys offer many learning experiences for children who love fantasy play, which is my target for the best choices. Therefore, I’ll focus on various dragon-themed toys that offer fantasy play while teaching children interactive and educational qualities. Also, the toys should appeal to multiple age groups and activities.

But first, let me share the Moodswings Snow Dragon Interactive Baby Toy. It’s the earliest start to helping children have fun and learn through fantasy and interactive play. It’s the most adorable dragon-themed toy on the market. It works beautifully for kids over four, giving them an early start to dragon playtimes.

The interactive dragon-themed toy has over 50 sound effects, looks heartwarming, and comes with other interactive abilities. It’s ideal for toddlers and preschoolers who want cute dragons with responsive play. However, many excellent dragon-themed toys exist. So, check my top picks out before digging into the details.

More of the Best Dragon-Themed Toys at a Glance

  1. 3D Printed Articulated Dragon Sensory Toy
  2. 7-Headed Interactive Dragon Figurine
  3. Atomization Mechanical Robot Dragon Toy
  4. Coding Critters Dragon Interactive Playset
  5. Hot Wheels City Dragon Playset
  6. How to Train Your Dragon Hatching Toothless Playset
  7. How to Train Your Dragon Interactive Toothless Playset
  8. LEGO Ninjago Lloyd’s Legendary Dragon Building Kit
  9. LEGO Ninjago Titanium Dragon Building Kit
  10. Moodswings Snow Dragon Interactive Baby Toy
  11. Snap Dragon Interactive Dragon Playset

How I Picked the Best Dragon-Themed Toys

Kid and Dragon Toy

Dragon-themed toys open a child’s imagination to a realm beyond this world without taking them away from the real world. So, I’ll choose dragon-themed toys that allow children of various ages to enjoy fantasy play combined with another activity type to keep things interesting.

Furthermore, I want children to engage with the top dragon-themed toys properly. That means interactive toys would work the best. Interactive toys are more than a dragon figurine without any cause-and-effect abilities. Some interactive toys include:

  • Building kits children first have to create before playing with them
  • Dragon-themed toys that encourage children to press buttons for responses
  • Dragon toys that stimulate children’s minds with lights, sounds, and effects
  • Dragon playsets that promote a child’s critical thinking with coding and problem-solving

Inspiring Kids to Fly High With Their Fantasies

Ask yourself what gets you up every morning before going further. Do you imagine what the day holds? Do you plan around the possibilities? I’m asking you to consider your morning thoughts because a child starts every moment of the day the same way you start mornings. They see every possibility and imagine wild ventures.

As a result, I advise you to encourage their wild imaginations, dragons and all. Fantasy play and activities are the fruits of how our children learn about the world, what they can expect, and what isn’t real. Indeed, dragon-themed toys allow kids to understand what is and isn’t real.

Only through fantasy play do they differentiate experiences into two categories. Firstly, some possibilities unfold. However, others don’t. And trust me, dragons won’t come flying through their bedroom windows. Nevertheless, fantasy, imagination, and role-play are essential parts of a child’s learning process.

Children grow confident, learn to socialize within the expected social norms, and communicate better with friends and family. They also gain ideas, creative thinking, critical thinking, and self-expression skills. Even Russian child psychologist, Lev Vygotsky, emphasized the link between dramatic, fantasy play and learning.

So, I think you should encourage them to play with dragon-themed toys, a favorite fantasy play choice.

The Top Dragon-Themed Toys Revealed

Dragon-themed toys welcome children’s imaginations to soar into a place of learning and enjoyment. In addition, they can be as fierce as the dragons they imagine, subtly teaching them to go for what they desire. Therefore, I’ll include potential skills children could gain from playing with each dragon-themed toy.

So, let’s see which dragon-themed toys appeal to various children and what makes each one the best.

#01 3D Printed Articulated Dragon Sensory Toy

3D Printed Articulated Dragon Sensory Toy

Sensory toys are excellent for kids to interact with playtime joys. A few dragon-themed sensory toys exist, but I loved this one because it reminds me of a sensory snake. The dragon looks like a Chinese-styled fantasy creature, and children can easily maneuver the toy to slither around. It’s a simple and effective dragon toy.

Dragon-Themed Toy Features

  • Toy Type: Dragon-themed sensory toy
  • Activities: Interactive, fantasy, and sensory play
  • Ages: 3+
  • Possible Skills: Cause-and-effect, confidence, and decision-making

Dragon-Themed Toy Pros

  • Chinese-styled dragon toys are popular (especially the plushies), and kids can enjoy a sensory tool that helps them deal with emotions and stress
  • The dragon-themed toy’s articulation is smooth and effortless, allowing any child to slither the toy between their fingers for a sensory experience

Dragon-Themed Toy-Cons

  • The dragon sensory toy is rough and has sharp edges, which may frustrate children more than calm them

#02 7-Headed Interactive Dragon Figurine

7-Headed Interactive Dragon Figurine

Two types of children are fans of dragon-themed toys. Firstly, some children love cute dragons with pretty fantasy colors and patterns. In contrast, some children prefer dragon-themed toys that look fierce and mighty. This dragon-themed toy is one of the mightiest and meanest-looking models I’ve found.

Dragon-Themed Toy Features

  • Toy Type: Robot dragon-themed interactive model
  • Activities: Interactive and imaginative play
  • Ages: 3+
  • Possible Skills: Fine motor, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills

Dragon-Themed Toy Pros

  • The 10-inch dragon-themed interactive robot toy has a light and sound effects, and it looks like a mean monster ready to burn enemies on the playing field
  • The robot dragon toy has movable joints, including the seven heads, making it more exciting to play with this beast in any fantasy battle game

Dragon-Themed Toy-Cons

  • This dragon toy is better suited to kids who want fierce beasts because it will scare girls who want cute dragons

#03 Atomization Mechanical Robot Dragon Toy

Atomization Mechanical Robot Dragon Toy

Dragon-themed robot toys are excellent picks for children of all ages. My son still has a few robot toys at 13 and often enjoys them with his friends. The more articulated and interactive the robot dragon is, the more exciting the playtimes unfold imaginative ideas in children’s minds. This dragon robot is exceptional.

Dragon-Themed Toy Features

  • Toy Type: Dragon-themed robot toy
  • Activities: Interactive, social, and imaginative play
  • Ages: 3+
  • Possible Skills: Critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills

Dragon-Themed Toy Pros

  • The interactive robot toy opens a world of imaginative play with roaring sound effects, walking abilities, and a fire-breathing effect that stuns young fans
  • The robot dragon toy is a good size with movable joints and long wings for excellent fantasy games, and the light effects on the dragon’s head are gorgeous

Dragon-Themed Toy-Cons

  • Sadly, the walking function is always the first to go on these robot dragons

#04 Coding Critters Dragon Interactive Playset

Coding Critters Dragon Interactive Playset

Coding toys are also becoming a rage with kids, providing hours of exciting STEM activities. STEM activities introduce young children to early technology, science, math, and engineering. For example, this toy dragon robot comes with a wand children must code to make it do tricks. It’s an educational adventure for them.

Dragon-Themed Toy Features

  • Toy Type: STEM coding robot dragon toy
  • Activities: Interactive, imaginative, sensory, and educational play
  • Ages: 4 to 8
  • Possible Skills: Problem-solving, critical thinking, math, and early science

Dragon-Themed Toy Pros

  • The coding dragon robot toy includes a wand that welcomes children to try out 12 different coding patterns to teach the dragon toy new tricks
  • The dragon playset is entirely interactive and requires no screen controls, and the adorable Blazer dragon is appealing to preschool girls and boys

Dragon-Themed Toy-Cons

  • The coding dragon robot toy uses many batteries and will need new ones often

#05 Hot Wheels City Dragon Playset

Hot Wheels City Dragon Playset

Many dragon-themed toys come as figurines, whether building kits or robots. However, this dragon-themed playset is unique compared to others. I’m an avid fan and collector of Hot Wheels cars, making this another potential for my son’s collection. The dragon Hot Wheels playset is the shape of a dragon and not just a car.

Dragon-Themed Toy Features

  • Toy Type: Hot Wheels dragon playset
  • Activities: Interactive and imaginative play
  • Ages: 3+
  • Possible Skills: Social, fine motor, and critical thinking skills

Dragon-Themed Toy Pros

  • Dragon lovers will enjoy launching an ironic fire engine through a dragon’s playset to fight the fires the blazing dragon sets during playtime
  • The playset is impressive because the fire engine runs through a loop and out of the dragon’s mouth, coming from the place where the blaze began

Dragon-Themed Toy-Cons

  • Other Hot Wheels car models might not run as smoothly on the track

#06 How to Train Your Dragon Hatching Toothless Playset

How to Train Your Dragon Hatching Toothless Playset

Toy dragon eggs are another unique option compared to the figurines and robots available. This dragon-themed egg-hatching playset is the best because it comes from a popular movie series, How to Train Your Dragon. Every dragon-loving child knows the movies and Rescue Riders that came to Netflix after them.

Dragon-Themed Toy Features

  • Toy Type: How to Train Your Dragon hatching egg playset
  • Activities: Imaginative and interactive play
  • Ages: 5+
  • Possible Skills: Cause-and-effect, fine motor, and communication skills

Dragon-Themed Toy Pros

  • The adorable baby Toothless interactive dragon figure hatches from an ancient egg and makes various sound effects and light displays for a sensory experience
  • The dragon hatching playset welcomes children to interact with it by agitating the egg until Toothless finally enters the world, making children feel proud of their accomplishments

Dragon-Themed Toy-Cons

  • The playset doesn’t have much activity potential once the egg hatches

#07 How to Train Your Dragon Interactive Toothless Playset

How to Train Your Dragon Interactive Toothless Playset

How to Train Your Dragon fans will be irate if I don’t share a Toothless playset. Fortunately, there’s an incredible interactive Toothless model, and it’s gigantic! The fire-breathing interactive Toothless toy has war paint on its back and comes with the saddle if you want to buy Hiccup. It’s movable and has fantastic effects.

Dragon-Themed Toy Features

  • Toy Type: Giant fire-breathing Toothless dragon figurine
  • Activities: Interactive and fantasy play
  • Ages: 4+
  • Possible Skills: Critical thinking, hand-eye coordination, and communication skills

Dragon-Themed Toy Pros

  • The How to Train Your Dragon Toothless Playset illuminates the imagination with fire-breathing abilities and flight movements for easy fantasy war games
  • Children can attach a water cannon to Toothless’ back before pushing a button to get various effects, like plasma blasts, water cannons, and smoking light shows

Dragon-Themed Toy-Cons

  • This Toothless playset is missing Hiccup as the rider, even though the dragon wears its saddle

#08 LEGO Ninjago Lloyd’s Legendary Dragon Building Kit

LEGO Ninjago Lloyd's Legendary Dragon Building Kit

My son is a massive LEGO Ninjago fan, the series, and building kits. The dragons from this series are phenomenal. Many options exist, and I’ll share more Ninjago sets later in this article. For now, I asked my son to pick two of his favorite dragon-building kits from LEGO Ninjago. Children’s opinions appeal more to them.

Dragon-Themed Toy Features

  • Toy Type: LEGO dragon-themed building kit
  • Activities: Interactive, imaginative, and educational play
  • Ages: 8+
  • Possible Skills: Problem-solving and critical thinking skills

Dragon-Themed Toy Pros

  • The 747-piece LEGO Ninjago dragon building kit has one of my son’s favorite dragons, and it provides an excellent challenge for kids over eight to build it before playing
  • The dragon has traditional colors like green and yellow, and it looks fierce enough to destroy enemies once children finish the movable model

Dragon-Themed Toy-Cons

  • Unfortunately, the LEGO Ninjago building kits appeal to older children because they’re more complex

#09 LEGO Ninjago Titanium Dragon Building Kit

LEGO Ninjago Titanium Dragon Building Kit

My son wanted a dragon most children would recognize as one. However, he wanted something unique for the second pick. The LEGO Ninjago Titanium Dragon building kit looks like a modernized, mechanical dragon with blades and swords instead of the regular claws. I’m impressed by my son’s choices and agree with him.

Dragon-Themed Toy Features

  • Toy Type: LEGO Ninjago dragon building kit
  • Activities: Interactive, imaginative, and educational play
  • Ages: 7 to 14
  • Possible Skills: Problem-solving and critical thinking skills

Dragon-Themed Toy Pros

  • The 360-piece LEGO Ninjago dragon building kit appeals to a slightly younger age range, welcoming them to the world of the educational play before enjoying fantasy games
  • The LEGO dragon model is majestic and modern, helping children see other types of dragons, and the finished model has movable joints for added fun

Dragon-Themed Toy-Cons

  • Unfortunately, LEGO Ninjago sets don’t work for kids under six, even the less-complicated ones

#10 Moodswings Snow Dragon Interactive Baby Toy

Moodswings Snow Dragon Interactive Baby Toy

The Moodswings Snow Dragon toy remains the most adorable version. It would appeal to toddler and preschooler girls learning better communication. This dragon toy has more interactive abilities than robots. I would play with a child over three as long as I supervised play. The emotional benefits are intense for toddlers.

Dragon-Themed Toy Features

  • Toy Type: Snow dragon interactive toy
  • Activities: Imaginative and interactive play
  • Ages: 4+
  • Possible Skills: Fine motor, sensory, communication, emotional, and language skills

Dragon-Themed Toy Pros

  • You won’t teach toddlers more about understanding emotions than by letting them play with the mood-changing baby dragon toy, which they have to care for to better its mood
  • The dragon toy is adorable, entirely interactive, has smooth-moving wings, and changes colors and facial expressions according to its current mood

Dragon-Themed Toy-Cons

  • The toy has limits on age, but I would supervise play with three-year-olds to teach them emotional awareness

#11 Snap Dragon Interactive Dragon Playset

Snap Dragon Set

I found another interesting dragon-themed toy that doesn’t look like the others. Instead, the Snap Dragon toy has interactive abilities unique to it. The movable dragon is a game a child can play socially. Of course, nothing beats fantasy play with friends. However, there are more ways to play socially with dragons than in war games.

Dragon-Themed Toy Features

  • Toy Type: Dragon-themed social game
  • Activities: Interactive, imaginative, and social play
  • Ages: 3+
  • Possible Skills: Teamwork, turn-taking, and critical thinking

Dragon-Themed Toy Pros

  • The dragon-themed snapping game brings friends together by challenging them to take coins out of the biting mouth before it snaps their fingers when it wakes up
  • The dragon figurine is also movable and works as a regular toy, and children learn basic counting and money skills by playing a game with friends

Dragon-Themed Toy-Cons

  • The dragon figurine is limited in standard war playtime activities and doesn’t move too much


Question: Does Schleich Make Good Dragon-Themed Toys?

Answer: Schleich makes some of the best dragon-themed toys if you want figurines and playsets. One of my favorites is the Schleich Bayala Dragon Island Playset. The Schleich Flower Dragon and Baby Playset are also adorable. However, the company also makes fierce-looking dragons like the Schleich Ice Dragon Figurine.

Best Dragon-Themed Toys: Conclusion

Good dragon-themed toys bring a fantasy world to your child’s imagination, which has enough benefits to want them to play with these beasts and adorable creatures. I love seeing my children play fantasy games with or without their friends because the advantages live with them forever.

I recommend starting a toddler or preschooler with my favorite toy, the Moodswings Snow Dragon Interactive Baby Toy. I wish this dragon toy were available when I struggled with my daughter’s emotional experiences during toddlerhood. It would’ve taught her many valuable lessons, including emotional awareness.

However, pick a dragon-themed toy for your child’s age if they’re older. Kids never outgrow dragon-themed toys. So, I recommend choosing your favorite fantasy toy. Then, watch your children play their fantasy games.

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