Best Power Rangers Toys: Popular Years

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Go, Go, Power Rangers! I imagine you sang that as I did while typing it. The Power Rangers are another classic opportunity for kids to own toys with benefits. The best Power Rangers toys are age-appropriate, appeal to an essential fantasy play activity, and get children humming the theme song with joy.

Fortunately, the Power Rangers are a theme with many types of role-playing toys. However, the franchise has evolved a lot since the 1990s.

Today, there are nearly 30 movies and series children can watch, and they’ll want toys from their favorite series. So, let’s find out which toys win the best spot for each popular series.

Power Rangers Toys: Bottom Line Upfront

The Power Rangers is among the longest-running and broadest movie and series franchises from which excellent toys exist. Therefore, you’d think it would be hard to find the best pick for kids. However, I target famous movies and series to appeal to young fans who fall in love with specific parts of the story.

In addition, I consider how each toy brings value for what you pay, and it must instigate fantasy games with another activity. But first, I want to share the best Power Rangers toy from all the storylines.

The Lightning Series Power Rangers Pink Ranger Figure is my ultimate pick because the Pink Ranger is my all-time favorite.

I watched her with wide eyes as a child, and I wanted to be just like her. The Pink Power Ranger inspired me with every episode, and she’s part of many series as the rangers evolve to fight new evils. In addition, she’s a quality action figure with numerous interchangeable pieces for children to enjoy.

However, I found a few favorites and bang-for-your-buck playsets from various Power Rangers movies and series. Check them out before digging into my valuable tips for Power Rangers toys.

More of the Best Power Rangers Toys at a Glance

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Time Force Blue Ranger

I hate spoiling all the fun right off the bat. Therefore, here are four more picks from different Power Rangers series and movies. I’ll show you all my favorites soon enough, but have a glance first:

  1. The Power Rangers ZEO Megazord Action Figure is a classic icon from the 1996 ZEO series. It’s also an incredible robot-style action figure for interactive play.
  2. The Power Rangers Saber Max Fury Edition is the ultimate role-playing weapon from the 2006 Mystic Force series. Toy weapons ignite young Power Rangers into fantasy play.
  3. The Power Rangers Tiger Battle Bike is excellent for the best 2008 Jungle Fury series. It’s one of the few Power Rangers toy vehicles available.
  4. The Power Ranger 5-Pack Megazord Megapack Building Kit is my top pick for the 2021 Dino Fury series. It’s a pack of five fantastic Zord building models.

How I Picked the Ultimate Power Rangers Toys

Picking the best Power Rangers toys became much simpler when I selected the best toy for each popular series and movie from the long list available. Not every series or movie was popular enough to have an entire toy range, but you’ll find toys for most of them. Of course, the toys have to match the series.

Secondly, I want toys that offer the best bang for your buck. I want giant playsets, brilliant accessories, the most interactive models, or multi-packs with many rangers.

Finally, the toy must encourage fantasy, imaginative, pretend, or role-play activities with another activity. Two or more activities are the best for growing kids.

Straight-Up Tips for Power Rangers Toys

The Power Rangers is a classic hero versus villain storyline I grew up with. Still, experts don’t recommend the modern-day Power Rangers for kids. Instead, they recommend children between 12 and 15 watch the 2017 movie. However, the toys are safe for kids over four because they’re in the prime stages of fantasy play.

Fantasy play is essential to growing up and wildly beneficial for children. Kids learn what to expect from the world’s challenges and adventures and improve their social, communication, and emotional skills.

In addition, they develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills when facing challenges in their fantasy games.

My best advice is to welcome your child’s Power Rangers passion they gained from the many other series and movies available.

However, don’t allow your children to watch the 2017 movie until they’re 12; you’ll have to watch it with them because it’s PG-13. However, you can encourage them to watch any other series or film.

Furthermore, you can look for toys from specific movies to help kids enjoy their fantasy games. For example, a child who never watched Mighty Morphin Power Rangers won’t know all the playsets or toys from the series.

So instead, pick your child’s favorite Power Rangers range, and watch them enjoy every moment of role-playing.

Best Power Rangers Toys: My Top Picks

You simply have to pick your child’s favorite series, and you’ll have a winner for their next toy. In addition, I’ll share the recommended ages, activity types, and what makes each Power Rangers toy trump the rest of its series. So, let’s see how the Power Rangers have children in a spin.

Best Multi-Series Power Rangers Toy: Lightning Series Power Rangers Pink Ranger Figure

Hasbro Power Rangers Lightning Collection 6 Inch Zero & Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger

The Pink Ranger has been a personal hero since childhood; my daughter also loves her. She’s also one of the classic Power Rangers, coming from many of the storylines.

However, I remember her best as Kimberly Hart. She’s the epicenter of the best multi-series Power Ranger toy. So, I would collect this Power Ranger figure.

Power Rangers Toy Facts

  • Origin: N/A
  • Toy Type: Power Rangers action figure
  • Activities: Imaginative and creative play
  • Ages: 3+

Power Rangers Toy Pros

  • The Pink Ranger is a highly articulated figure
  • She comes with various accessories
  • Children can change her head sculpts
  • She has a pet cat figure

Power Rangers Toy-Cons

  • Not every child is a fan of the Pink Ranger
  • The costume details could be better

Best Power Rangers ZEO Toy: Power Rangers ZEO Megazord Action Figure

Power Rangers Zeo Megazord 12-inch Collectible Action Figure

The Megazord is a legendary icon from the earlier Power Rangers series. You might feel nostalgic about the powerful beast as much as I do.

However, this gorgeous Power Rangers robot-style action figure would get children into an interactive environment because they must change their positions and accessories.

Power Rangers Toy Facts

  • Origin: 1996 ZEO series
  • Toy Type: Power Rangers action figure
  • Activities: Imaginative and interactive play
  • Ages: 3+

Power Rangers Toy Pros

  • The 12″ Megazord is an earlier icon from the 1990s
  • The action figure is highly articulated
  • Children get multiple accessories
  • The action figure comes with various helmets

Power Rangers Toy-Cons

  • It’s an earlier version young kids might not know
  • It’s not a morphing figure

Best Power Rangers in Space Toy: Power Rangers Action Figure Playset

 Vitadan 2022 Power Rangers Action Figures Set — 6 Pieces

Indeed, I promised accurate depictions of each series’ Power Rangers. However, I’m making an exception for these rangers because they come with an alien figure.

They also include the original colors from the In Space series and slightly match the style. This Power Rangers action figure pack is a delight for social playtime.

Power Rangers Toy Facts

  • Origin: 1998 In Space series
  • Toy Type: Power Rangers playset
  • Activities: Social and imaginative play
  • Ages: 3+

Power Rangers Toy Pros

  • Kids get five main Power Rangers figures
  • They also enjoy a miniature alien figure
  • Each figure has movable joints
  • Social play is welcome with packs

Power Rangers Toy-Cons

  • The Power Rangers don’t suit the series 100%
  • The alien figure is random

Best Power Rangers Time Force Toy: Lightning Collection Power Rangers Blue Ranger Playset

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Time Force Blue Ranger and Vector Cycle Action Figures with Accessories

Time Force was the first experiment that showed the Power Rangers dabbling in time travel. They already went to space before this series. So, it was time to mess with time, pun intended.

The Power Rangers action figure fits the character perfectly. The face looks precisely like Lucas Kendall’s on-screen character.

Power Rangers Toy Facts

  • Origin: 2001 Time Force series
  • Toy Type: Power Rangers playset
  • Activities: Imaginative and sensory play
  • Ages: 3+

Power Rangers Toy Pros

  • The action figure is a perfect match
  • The playset comes with a toy vehicle for sensory play
  • The ranger has fabulous weapon accessories, changeable hands, and a removable mask
  • The action figure has movable joints

Power Rangers Toy-Cons

  • I’d be careful with the tiny accessories and young kids
  • The bike looks like a spacecraft and not a time craft

Best 2006 Power Rangers Mystic Force Toy: Power Rangers Saber Max Fury Edition

Power Rangers Mystic Force Mystic Saber Max Fury Edition

The Power Rangers used multiple brilliant weapons in their quests. This saber is the first of a few impressive toys that turn role-playing games into hours of fun for kids.

In addition, children enjoy social activities with friends who also wield Power Rangers toy weapons. Finally, the interactive qualities are superb for young kids.

Power Rangers Toy Facts

  • Origin: 2006 Mystic Force series
  • Toy Type: Power Rangers toy weapon
  • Activities: Social and role-play
  • Ages: 3+

Power Rangers Toy Pros

  • The Max Fury Saber is identical to the series
  • The toy weapon inspires role-play and cosplay
  • It has interactive lights and sounds for younger kids
  • It has a smooth plastic finish to prevent injuries

Power Rangers Toy-Cons

  • Not all parents want weapon toys
  • The interactive features might not last forever

Best Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Toy: Power Rangers TranxMax Vehicle Playset

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive TranxMax Vehicles [Set A]

The Blue Ranger’s bike was impressive from the Time Force series. Still, I found another fantastic toy vehicle from the Power Rangers.

In addition, this Power Rangers model from Operation Overdrive is a morphing playset. However, it’s the first pack and might require you to buy another morphing playset to enhance it.

Power Rangers Toy Facts

  • Origin: 2007 Operation Overdrive series
  • Toy Type: Power Rangers vehicle playset
  • Activities: Imaginative and interactive play
  • Ages: 5+

Power Rangers Toy Pros

  • The Power Rangers morphing vehicle changes between a robot and a truck
  • It also includes four miniature vehicle models
  • It’s better suited for older Power Rangers fans
  • The morphing motion is smooth and easy

Power Rangers Toy-Cons

  • Younger children can’t play safely with it
  • It’s only the first set, and you might need more

Best Power Rangers Jungle Fury Toy: Power Rangers Tiger Battle Bike

Power Rangers Jungle Fury Tiger Battle Bike

The Jungle Fury series was a popular choice for kids who watched Power Rangers in the noughties. In addition, I found a morphing bike with an action figure.

Indeed, children can morph the bike with accessories to change from a racing bike to a battle beast. They can also combine it with battle cruisers to create enormous beasts.

Power Rangers Toy Facts

  • Origin: 2008 Jungle Fury series
  • Toy Type: Power Rangers vehicle playset
  • Activities: Imaginative and educational play
  • Ages: 5+

Power Rangers Toy Pros

  • Kids get educational benefits from morphing models
  • The Red Ranger and bike match the series perfectly
  • The playset can combine with others
  • The movable action figure fits on the bike for rides and battles

Power Rangers Toy-Cons

  • Morphing models are tricky for kids under five
  • Your child might demand the combination kits

Best Power Rangers Dino Charge Toy: Lightning Collection Power Rangers Green Ranger Action Figure

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Dino Charge Green Ranger Action Figure

Dino Charge was another famous series with an array of toys available. However, I stuck to the Green Ranger action figure because it’s another near-premium figure with collectible potential.

Sadly, the Lightning Collection doesn’t use premium materials for its figures, but the accessories and movements are premium-quality.

Power Rangers Toy Facts

  • Origin: 2015 Dino Charge series
  • Toy Type: Power Rangers action figure
  • Activities: Imaginative and interactive play
  • Ages: 3+

Power Rangers Toy Pros

  • The action figure has premium articulation
  • It comes with various weapon accessories, a different head sculpt, and interchangeable hands
  • Children enjoy playing with interactive action figures
  • The Green Ranger matches the series perfectly

Power Rangers Toy-Cons

  • Unfortunately, the details aren’t impressive in this figure
  • I’d be careful with younger kids and small accessories (even three-year-olds)

Best Power Rangers Ninja Steel Toy: Power Rangers Ninja Steel Morpher Launcher

Power Rangers Ninja Steel Deluxe Morpher Action Figure

Not many Power Rangers toys offer sensory experiences. Still, some vehicles and toy weapons have sensory elements like sounds and lights. Children need sensory stimulation during their playtime activities.

However, the dart-launching toy from the Ninja Steel series is ideal for kids who consider the rangers ninja combatants.

Power Rangers Toy Facts

  • Origin: 2017 Ninja Steel series
  • Toy Type: Power Rangers toy weapon
  • Activities: Imaginative and sensory play
  • Ages: 5+

Power Rangers Toy Pros

  • The toy weapon is ideal for young ninjas and Power Rangers fans
  • It launches safe darts for kids to play socially outside
  • The Morpher launcher makes sounds when throwing darts
  • It’s also an interactive toy kids must piece together

Power Rangers Toy-Cons

  • Your child’s friends will need dart launchers to play the outdoor games
  • The concept matches the series better than the launcher

Best Power Rangers Beast Morphers Toy: Power Rangers Beast-X Megazord Action Figure

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Beast-X Megazord, Ages 4 and Up

The Beast Morpher series has a brilliant range of interactive and morphing toys. I love toys that welcome interactive and creative playtime activities because my children learn a lot from them.

In addition, they keep my kids entertained and engaged long enough to absorb valuable skills and lessons.

Power Rangers Toy Facts

  • Origin: 2019 Beast Morphers series
  • Toy Type: Power Rangers action figure
  • Activities: Interactive and imaginative play
  • Ages: 4+

Power Rangers Toy Pros

  • The Megazord matches the series perfectly
  • It’s a safe action figure suitable for kids over four compared to some other figures
  • The action figure has impressive movable joints for actionable games
  • It’s a massive 20″ action figure with a few accessories

Power Rangers Toy-Cons

  • The sword has a relatively sharp edge for a plastic model
  • The Megazord doesn’t look much different from the Mighty Morphin model (hence, I only shared one)

Best Power Rangers Dino Fury Toy: Power Ranger 5-Pack Megazord Megapack Building Kit

Power Rangers Dino Fury Megazord Mega Pack 5-Pack Zord Action Figure Toys

The 5-Pack Power Rangers building kit is another favorite because I love watching my children enjoy the educational play. In addition, it impressed me more than the entire Dino Fury toy range.

You’ll soon see how vast the Dino Fury toy range is, and I only share a few ideas. So, it was challenging to pick one playset.

Power Rangers Toy Facts

  • Origin: 2021 Dino Fury series
  • Toy Type: Power Rangers building kit
  • Activities: Educational and imaginative play
  • Ages: 4+

Power Rangers Toy Pros

  • Kids get five buildable Power Rangers toys from Dino Fury
  • Duno Fury is currently the most popular Power Rangers toy series
  • Kids can also customize and mix the builds between the Zords
  • Each finished Zord figure has movable joints for actionable playtime activities

Power Rangers Toy-Cons

  • The movable joints on each figure are minimal
  • The set only includes Zords and no Power Rangers


Question: Which Power Rangers Dino Fury Action Figures Exist?

Answer: Power Rangers Dino Fury is a famous 2021 series many children love. So, various fantastic action figures exist for the renowned Power Rangers from the series. The newest Power Rangers series also comes with action figures suitable for the younger kids watching it, including:
Dino Fury Black Ranger Action Figure
Dino Fury Blue Ranger Action Figure
Dino Fury Gold Ranger Action Figure
Dino Fury Green Ranger Action Figure
Dino Fury Pink Ranger Action Figure
Dino Fury Red Ranger Action Figure
Dino Fury Spiral Strike Red Ranger Action Figure
Dino Fury Void Knight Ranger Action Figure

Question: Which Power Rangers Dino Fury Zord Action Figures Exist?

Answer: Fortunately, the 2021 Power Rangers series has plenty of Zord action figures. Some are interactive, while others have action figure movements and impressive details. In addition, some action figures transform into other creatures. The action figures are safe for kids over four, and some great options include:
Dino Fury Freeze Zord Action Figure
Dino Fury Mosa Razor Zord Action Figure
Dino Fury Pink Ankylo Hammer Zord Action Figure
Dino Fury Primal T-Rex Zord Action Figure
Dino Fury T-Rex Champion Zord Action Figure

Question: Which Power Rangers Dino Fury Toy Weapons Exist?

Answer: Power Rangers Dino Fury toy weapons are fantastic for role-playing games, cosplay, and imaginative creations. Children will love the selections because they are the newest Power Rangers series. Some Dino Fury toy weapons suitable for younger children include:
Dino Fury Megafury Saber Toy
Dino Fury Morpher Electronic Toy
Dino Fury Red Ranger Saber Toy

Question: Which Power Rangers Toys Morph Between Figures?

Answer: The Power Ranger has a few fantastic morphing toys that change from a Zord to a beast. For example, the Power Ranger Dino Fury Morphing Zord can vary from a Mosa Razor Zord to an alligator beast. Alternatively, the Blue Power Rangers Dino Fury Zord changes from a Ptera Zord to a flying beast.

Best Power Rangers Toys: Conclusion

The best Power Rangers toys bring a world of imagination and nostalgic fun to kids. The Power Rangers were around for many years. They’ll still come with annual series to reimagine the characters and storylines.

However, I recommend buying the Lightning Series Power Rangers Pink Ranger Figure as a multi-series pick.

The Pink Ranger has long been a part of the story, even coming from the original rangers. She always finds a new design and morphs into new creatures. Agreeably, the Black, Green, White, Yellow, and Blue Rangers also fit the multi-series feature, but I fell in love with the Pink Ranger in the 1990s.

Alternatively, the Power Rangers ZEO Megazord Action Figure is another excellent recommendation from the 1990s toy range.

The robot-style interactive figure is a joy for Power Rangers fans. Furthermore, I recommend buying the Power Rangers Saber Max Fury Edition for kids who enjoy the Mystic Force series.

It’s an interactive toy weapon from the Power Rangers and works nicely for role-playing games. Finally, I recommend buying the Power Ranger 5-Pack Megazord Megapack Building Kit if you have a child who enjoys building models.

The Power Rangers toy range has an option for any kid, and they all ignite fantasy play.

So, pick your child’s favorite Power Rangers year, and buy the bang-for-your-buck toy. Then, watch their imaginations take new morphing forms.

For more epic toys:

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