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Admittedly, the Predator toy range is gruesome and better suited to older kids. However, my son already collects action figures and will love the options in my best Predator toys guide soon. He saw the incredible statues with me at Comic-Con. Still, I’m merely a mom waiting for him to be old enough to enjoy them.

Predator also doesn’t have many toy types. Still, the themed toy inspires older children to continue participating in one of the best activities. So, is your child ready to start collecting Predator figures that double as fantasy games? If so, you’re prepared to find the ultimate Predator toys of all time.

Best Predator Toys: Bottom Line Upfront

Indeed, I recommend that Predator toys better suit children over 15. Teenagers still enjoy tactical gameplay and strategy games among friends. Some kids might not admit it, but give them their favorite Predator action figures and watch them enjoy games. Meanwhile, I only add proper scale figures with articulation.

The best Predator toys appeal to teenagers who start collecting fandom collectible toys, and these kids must know how to look after them. Teenagers will find a lot of joy in posable action figures based on the best Predator versions available. Therefore, that’s where I’ll focus my best selections.

But first, I must share the Alien vs. Predator Warrior Predator Action Figure because some private collector inspired me to love this version with his premium statue. Don’t worry; the ultimate Predator toy is suitable for teenagers without massive budgets. In addition, it’s one of the better-known Predators, an incredible warrior.

Finally, my favorite Predator toy appeals to teens because it comes from the best Predator movies. But first, let’s step back and see a few more ultimate picks before learning more about them.

A Quick Glance at More Fantastic Predator Toys

Jungle Hunter Predator

Predator toys offer advantages for the right age group, and I’ll share over a dozen favorites. But, let me glance at four more top picks before we get into the nitty gritty of Predator toys. These Predator toys are the best of their versions:

  1. The Alien vs. Predator Scar Predator Action Figure is another favorite because the creature did what his brothers couldn’t do with determination and beast-like ambition.
  2. The Alliance Invisible Berserker Predator Action Figure is the best choice for collectors and teens who want the original disappearing Predators from the first movie.
  3. The Hot Toys Predator Ronald Noland Action Figure is ideal for teens and collectors who want to stage off-earth scenes with the kidnapped actor.
  4. The NECA Ultimate Jungle Hunter Action Figure is famous to many teenagers. The Predator inspires brilliant strategy games because it’s from the Hunter Series.

A Complete Guide to the Best Predator Toys

Predator seems like a long shot for young kids, and I agree with you. Instead, they appeal to older children with different reasons for wanting trending toys. The Predator-themed toy combines two valuable elements, toy collection and fantasy play. But first, learn more about them before digging into the top picks.

Choosing Predator Toys for Suitable Age Groups

I wasn’t sure about buying Predator toys for my children because they look monstrous. However, I realized new things when attending the 2022 Comic-Con Africa event. I saw two masterpiece statues in a private collection that made me think of something new. Can a monster figure remove a child’s fear of monsters?

Predator Figures
Predator figures. Photo by Caroline Lambert.

Unfortunately, looking into the Predator King’s eyes (left) and the Predator Warrior’s face (right), I realized that these toys weren’t for young children. However, I bring good news because the quality of details on these statues inspired me to write an article about the best Predator toys for kids over 15, the recommended age.

Indeed, this man’s private collection is something else. However, impressive action figures and packs are suitable for children who still enjoy strategy games with friends. Otherwise, these toys make ideal suitors for teenagers who love collecting action figures, premium figures, and other quality toys for older kids.

Tips to Clean Predator Action Figures

Teenagers starting their toy and figure collections will likely love the various Predators. In addition, some kids will enjoy quality premium figures or collectibles. In contrast, others want simpler action figures with movable joints for role-playing games. Yes, teenagers still enjoy role-playing games with friends or alone.

My son is 13, so he isn’t allowed a Predator figure or action figure yet. However, he enjoys movable action figures more than the premium statues that cost a fortune. Thank goodness, because they can cost a house. Nonetheless, my tips will help teenagers keep their Predator toys pristine for future collectibility.

Furthermore, they can still play with the action figures because teenagers also benefit from fantasy, imagination, and role-play. Predator action figures are the ultimate motivation to play strategy and war games among friends. In addition, teens learn to engage more with the games when figures are movable.

So, let’s see cleaning tips to help teens stay proud of their Predator collections:

  1. First, use a make-up brush kit to dust the figures weekly.
  2. Throw plastic figures in a mesh laundry bag before adding them to the washing machine on a gentle cycle with a dab of detergent. Avoid the spin cycle, as you can dry them on a towel. I place tennis balls among the action figures and towels outside the bag to prevent them from banging against the drum.
  3. Never use water on metal, diecast, or polystone figures. Instead, use the make-up brush kit to keep them clean. Alternatively, use a vacuum to suck off the dust from the action figures. Unfortunately, washing machines are harsh on diecast figures and will remove the paint, even with the shock-absorbing towels.
  4. Finally, teach teenagers to keep action figures in their packaging when they aren’t using them. It helps to keep them as clean as possible. It also prevents any damage, paint-chipping, or rust.

Predator Toy Scale Basics

Jungle Predator

Unfortunately, Predator toys don’t come in a vast range. Instead, the primary type includes action figures, statues, vinyl figures, and premium figures. Some include accessories, and others don’t. However, the basics of Predator toys are simple enough. Any figure comes in size or scale, and here’s a quick breakdown of the scales:

  • 3.75-inch vinyl figures are 1:18 scale
  • 4-inch action figures are 1:16 scale
  • 5-inch action figures are 1:15 scale
  • 6-inch action figures are 1:12 scale
  • 7-inch action figures are 1:10 scale
  • 8-inch action figures are 1:9 scale
  • 12-inch action figures are 1:6 scale
  • 18-inch action figures are 1:4 scale

How I Picked the Best Predator Toys

How will I pick fantastic Predator toys for your older kids? Firstly, I’ll focus on playsets, figure packs, and action figures with any figure that uses movable joints. It helps teenagers stay engaged with fantasy play. Then, I want action figures between the 1:12 and 1:6 scales, measuring from six to 12 inches.

It’s the best size for Predator collections and suitable for fantasy play. Therefore, I won’t include the 1:18 scales because they’re not fun to use in fantasy play. Finally, I want assorted predator action figures because different kids like various creatures from the movies. So, I’ll include these creatures among my top picks:

  • Alpha Predator
  • Assassin Predator
  • Celtic Predator
  • City Hunter Predator
  • Fugitive Predator
  • Giant Predator
  • Jungle Hunter Predator
  • Invisible Berserker Predator
  • Lasershot Predator
  • Lost Predator
  • Scar Predator
  • Thermal Vision Predator
  • Warrior Predator
  • Wolf Predator

These are the popular Predator versions for toys and action figures. However, I’ll also throw in a Ronald Noland action figure because the man’s a legend. Besides, I acted next to Lawrence Fishburne in a South African production of Madiba and admired the man. So, his action figure deserves a place on my list.

Best Predator Toys Guide: Top Picks

My top picks for Predator toys or action figures will appeal to various fans because I selected a few favorite versions. In addition, each one is the ideal size for play and collectibility. Finally, I’ll conveniently share the points of articulation (POA) to help you realize how movable these figures are for fans.

So, let’s see which Predator action figures rock a teen’s fandom heart and fit into my selection criteria.

#01 Alien vs. Predator Scar Predator Action Figure

Alien vs. Predator Scar Predator

Scar, the Predator, is an impressive version of the much-loved movies. Scar was the brother of Chopper and Celtic, and he earned his way on earth before his brothers did by slaughtering a Xenomorph alien. I know Scar is a protagonist in the movies, but I admire the Predator for being a determined extraterrestrial hunter.

Predator Action Figure Facts

  • Version/Origin: Scar Predator from Alien vs. Predator
  • Scale: 1:6 or 12″
  • POA: 22
  • Accessories: Scar Predator 2.0 weapons and an extra head sculpt

Predator Action Figure Pros

  • The Scar Predator action figure stands tall at 12 inches and has premium quality details with impressive accessories and a different head for children to mix and match his strategies in fantasy play
  • The Scar Predator figure also has a helmet that comes off so kids can showcase his open mouth, or whatever you call it, and the diecast action figure is a long-lasting collectible from Sideshow

Predator Action Figure Cons

  • Some parents might not want to spend so much on a Predator action figure unless it’s for a collection

#02 Alien vs. Predator Warrior Predator Action Figure

Alien vs. Predator Warrior Predator

I wasn’t clued up with Predators until Comic-Con statues inspired me to look deeper into the beautifully collectible toys available. Instantly, I loved the Warrior Predator because the private collector thought he was good enough to show with the Predator King. But, unfortunately, I can’t find the king anywhere.

Predator Action Figure Facts

  • Version/Origin: Predator Warrior from Alien vs. Predator
  • Scale: 1:10 or 7″
  • POA: 30
  • Accessories: Spears, smart guns, and pulse rifles

Predator Action Figure Pros

  • The Warrior Predator action figure comes from the arcade series or Alien versus Predator movies, making him a later addition than the one I loved, which may appeal better to teenagers
  • This Predator action figure also uses the ultimate body with 30 movable pieces, making him an absolute joy for fantasy play if children want to put him against enemies for a showdown

Predator Action Figure Cons

  • I don’t love the arcade colors, but I couldn’t find another Warrior Predator within my requirements

#03 Alliance Battle-Damaged Celtic Predator Action Figure

Alliance Battle-Damaged Celtic Predator

The Celtic Predator is Scar’s brother. However, this action figure represents his later show of bravery and determination in the Alien versus Predator movies. He might not possess his brother’s undying courage and beast-like skills. Still, Celtic Predator is a masterpiece for young teenage collectors who play fantasy games.

Predator Action Figure Facts

  • Version/Origin: Battle-Damaged Celtic Predator from Alien vs. Predator
  • Scale: 1:10 or 7″
  • POA: 22
  • Accessories: A dagger and battle star

Predator Action Figure Pros

  • The Celtic Predator action figure looks impressive because the creature appears to have battle scars from his legendary fights, and it would make an excellent addition to fantasy games
  • The details on the Celtic Predator action figure are good quality for an entry-level collectible, and the movements are smooth for positioning the creature any way children imagine

Predator Action Figure Cons

  • The Celtic Predator represents one of the least popular versions on my list

#04 Alliance Invisible Berserker Predator Action Figure

Alliance Invisible Berserker Predator

I remember watching the original Predators movie, and the invisible Predators were far more terrifying than the monstrous versions. The Berserker Predator in invisible form was a nightmare. Still, he makes a fantastic fantasy action figure for teens who want to strategize the epic battles from the first movie.

Predator Action Figure Facts

  • Version/Origin: Invisible Berserker Predator from the original movie
  • Scale: 1:10 or 7″
  • POA: 22
  • Accessories: None

Predator Action Figure Pros

  • The Invisible Berserker Predator action figure inspires a challenge for teens to plan surprise attacks on enemies, motivating more strategy games and battleground brawls
  • The invisible Predators look gorgeous in a collection because they break the monstrous vibes, and their articulation points are as movable for fun positions

Predator Action Figure Cons

  • Some teens might prefer the colored Predator action figures instead

#05 Bandai Tamashi Nations Wolf Predator Action Figure

Bandai Tamashi Nations Wolf Predator

The Wolf Predator is an unusual creature that comes to clean up after a Xenomorph attack. He has skills unlike most Predators, even better than some Hunter Series creatures. This action figure is a gorgeously detailed and high-quality piece from Bandai and Tamashi Nations. Still, it’s missing a key element on his face.

Predator Action Figure Facts

  • Version/Origin: Wolf Predator from Alien vs. Predator
  • Scale: 1:6 or 12″
  • POA: 30
  • Accessories: Forearm blade, spears, and whips

Predator Action Figure Pros

  • The details on Wold Predator’s clothing, skin, and other areas are next-level impressive for collectors and teens, except for his face, which doesn’t match the creature precisely
  • The Predator Wolf action figure has excellent movements, swift and smooth, and he comes as a diecast, PVC, and plastic combo that looks realistically frightening

Predator Action Figure Cons

  • Unfortunately, the Wold Predator action figure doesn’t have a wolf’s long snout

#06 Hot Toys Predator Ronald Noland Action Figure

Predator Ronald Noland

Maybe I chose this action figure because Lawrence Fishburne acts the character’s part. In addition, it’s not a Predator figure, but I mentioned how I’d add it as a bonus. Fishburne’s acting was superb, as always in the Predator movies. However, Ronald would complete the best fantasy games for teenagers.

Predator Action Figure Facts

  • Version/Origin: Ronald Noland from the original movies
  • Scale: 1:6 or 12″
  • POA: 28
  • Accessories: Weapons, a gauntlet, and a helmet

Predator Action Figure Pros

  • The Predator Ronald Noland action figure looks realistic enough to make you think the poor actor shrunk, and it would add tremendous excitement to fantasy games
  • I love collecting in-depth action figures like Roland’s Predator figure, and it turns into a more exciting experience when you can change pieces and even clothes

Predator Action Figure Cons

  • Roland isn’t a Predator action figure but still makes an excellent gameplay or collector’s edition

#07 Lanard City Hunter Predator Action Figure

Lanard City Hunter Predator

The Hunter Predators are nasty extraterrestrials looking to hunt their prey on the earth. You first see the City predator in the jungles outside Los Angeles, which undoubtedly looks like a fierce creature. However, children will enjoy this action figure’s simple yet effective quality with premium articulation.

Predator Action Figure Facts

  • Version/Origin: Predator City Hunter from the original movie
  • Scale: 1:10 or 7″
  • POA: 25
  • Accessories: Specialized hunter weapon, gauntlet, and shield

Predator Action Figure Pros

  • The Hunter Series Predators are necessary for in-depth fantasy play, which older children enjoy more than younger kids because they enjoy strategizing their imagined games
  • This Predator toy comes from Lanard, a toy-maker that manufactures brilliant scale action figures for young collectors, and the packaging can keep it pristine for years

Predator Action Figure Cons

  • The action figure’s body doesn’t show much quality regarding texture and colors

#08 Lanard Giant Predator Action Figure

Lanard Giant Predator

The Giant Predator is a hybrid of unknown origins, but many fans believe the creature is a Yautja. However, looking at this action figure, I see a giant monster with bad blood. Fortunately, it comes as a 1:6 scale to stand taller than most of my selections, properly fitting the monster’s size.

Predator Action Figure Facts

  • Version/Origin: Giant Predator from Giant Predator vs. Classic Predator
  • Scale: 1:6 or 12″
  • POA: 22
  • Accessories: Hunter weapons and helmet

Predator Action Figure Pros

  • The Giant Predator action figure has fantastic movements that feel smooth and welcome teens for positioning him as they wish among their smaller Predator figures
  • The Giant Predator figure also has interactive qualities to excite fantasy games by pushing his jaw for movements and lighting up his shoulder weapons

Predator Action Figure Cons

  • The Giant Predator is another less-popular version among my top picks

#09 NECA Ultimate Alpha Predator Action Figure

NECA Ultimate Alpha Predator

The Alpha Predator comes from a prequel to the Alien versus Predator movies, making it another famous creature for younger fans familiar with the newer versions. In addition, it’s a premium figure from NECA, sharing optimal movements and many accessories for fantasy games. Also, the creature’s face looks like an alpha.

Predator Action Figure Facts

  • Version/Origin: Alpha Predator from Alien: Alpha Predator
  • Scale: 1:9 or 8″
  • POA: 32
  • Accessories: Interchangeable hands, removable mask, gauntlets, staff, and wrist blades

Predator Action Figure Pros

  • The Alpha Predator action figure is one of the best premium-quality collectibles for young teens and adults, and it has more accessories and articulation than most
  • The Predator Alpha figure would be intense for fantasy games, and teenagers can position the creature in unusual ways because of the smooth, premium movements

Predator Action Figure Cons

  • Unfortunately, it’s an odd size, but it works with smaller Predator action figures

#10 NECA Ultimate Fugitive Predator Action Figure

NECA Ultimate Fugitive Predator

The ultimate Predator action figures from NECA are brilliant choices for teenage collectors. In addition, this Fugitive Predator is another newer addition that appeals to the younger crowds. However, I must say that these creatures become uglier with every new version. I would keep the masks on because they’re nightmarish.

Predator Action Figure Facts

  • Version/Origin: Fugitive Predator from the 2018 Predator movie
  • Scale: 1:9 or 8″
  • POA: 32
  • Accessories: Interchangeable arms, wrist blades, and a mask

Predator Action Figure Pros

  • The Fugitive Predator action figure has smooth movements and over 30 points of articulation for young fans to enjoy displaying the collectible Predator toy
  • NECA seems to improve on each action figure’s quality, showing gorgeous details that make each creature look more realistic and frightening for excellent fantasy games

Predator Action Figure Cons

  • This Predator’s face freaks me out, and I would keep the removable mask on it

#11 NECA Ultimate Jungle Hunter Action Figure

NECA Ultimate Jungle Hunter

One of the worst Predators from any era was the Jungle Hunter. Maybe the accessories freak me out more than the other creatures do. However, this Predator is a legend from the first movie. Teenagers familiar with the franchise would enjoy collecting this masterpiece with two different helmets.

Predator Action Figure Facts

  • Version/Origin: Jungle Hunter Predator from the original movie
  • Scale: 1:10 or 7″
  • POA: 30
  • Accessories: Interchangeable hands, helmets, and skull weapons

Predator Action Figure Pros

  • The Jungle Hunter Predator action figure has fantastic accessories for strategy games, and the skull weapons would appeal to die-hard Predator fans
  • I love the details around the Jungle Hunter Predator figure, and I imagine how many nightmares this creature installed in its prime days

Predator Action Figure Cons

  • Some teenagers might not know the iconic Predators well enough to collect them

#12 NECA Ultimate Lasershot Predator Action Figure

NECA Ultimate Lasershot Predator

Lasershot Predator is another newer member that appeals to teens who watched Alien versus Predator. The mechanical Predator even comes with electronic features, unlike any other Predator. However, this is likely the least gruesome Predator available, and younger teens might enjoy the robotic figure.

Predator Action Figure Facts

  • Version/Origin: Lasershot Predator from Alien vs. Predator
  • Scale: 1:9 or 8″
  • POA: 32
  • Accessories: LED laser eye, electronic components, and grappling hook

Predator Action Figure Pros

  • The Lasershot Predator action figure forms a new army of playable toys because it has electronic features that appeal to a slightly younger crowd
  • The Lasershot figure would also make an excellent collectible that doesn’t look as freakishly scary, and the details impress me, from the design to the new features

Predator Action Figure Cons

  • The Predator won’t look like one if you don’t look at its face

#13 NECA Ultimate Lost Predator Action Figure

NECA Ultimate Lost Predator

In the second movie, the Lost Predator tribe hid in the sewers underneath Los Angeles. Oddly, they look like homeless creatures, which is, to some extent, true because they’re away from home. The Lost Predators undoubtedly look freakier than most and would make excellent additions to fantasy gameplay.

Predator Action Figure Facts

  • Version/Origin: Lost Predator from Predator 2
  • Scale: 1:10 or 7″
  • POA: 30
  • Accessories: A sword, interchangeable hands, and a mask

Predator Action Figure Pros

  • The Lost Predator action figure has immaculate details to match the on-screen tribe from the sewers, and it looks like a creature you’d find in the underworld
  • Teens will have a ball playing fantasy battle games with this monstrous version of Predator, and it makes a gruesome addition for collectors

Predator Action Figure Cons

  • Some Predators are just too ugly, and this poor creature is one of them

#14 NECA Thermal Vision Predator Action Figure

NECA Thermal Vision Predator

The Thermal Vision Predator makes me think of The Terminator, which is ironic because Arnold Swartzenneger acts in the 1989 Predator movie. On the other hand, the Predator action figure also looks like the trending blacklight figures. Teens will love this unusual piece with premium movements.

Predator Action Figure Facts

  • Version/Origin: Thermal Vision Predator from the original movie
  • Scale: 1:6 or 12″
  • POA: 32
  • Accessories: Hunter Predator weapons

Predator Action Figure Pros

  • The Thermal Vision Predator action figure is another giant that stands taller than most, making him an ideal candidate to enjoy in fantasy battle games
  • The color looking like blacklight figures undoubtedly makes this action figure in higher demand than most, and he seems like an overlooked classic for collectors

Predator Action Figure Cons

  • Unfortunately, some collectors don’t love the strange colors in their displays


Question: Which Predator Action Figures Are the Most Common?

Answer: The most common Predator action figures come from Hiya Toys. They’re brilliant choices if you plan to collect all of them because they merely measure 3.75″ and fall into the 1:18 scale. For example, the Alien vs. Predator Wolf Predator Action Figure is a 1:18 scale figure with gorgeous details in a smaller package.

Question: Can I Find Predator Dress-Up Costumes for Cosplay?

Answer: Predator costumes are popular for Halloween and cosplay events, even for younger crowds. Therefore, you get many options for the various predators available. One fan makes a realistic Predator costume that sells for a fortune. You can preorder one that takes 20 days to finish. Some Predator role-play costumes include:
Alien vs. Predator Halloween Costume
Alien vs. Predator Mask
Boy’s Printed Predator Halloween Costumes
LED Predator Mask
Predator Mask With Dreadlocks
Rubie’s Alien vs. Predator Deluxe Costume
Rubie’s Alien vs. Predator Halloween Gloves
Rubie’s Deluxe Predator Mask
Rubie’s Teen Upgrade Predator Shirt

Question: Can I Find Other Predator Toys Besides Action Figures?

Answer: Unfortunately, Predator toys are limited. However, some model kits exist to phase out the ocean of action figures. For example, the Mega Construx 16-Piece Predator Building Kit welcomes children over 16. In addition, the Alien vs. Predator Super Deformed Predator Model Kit offers a fun, easy-snap experience.
Finally, the Alien vs. Predator Super Deformed Celtic Predator Model Kit is another exciting snap build for teenagers and fans. Ultimately, action figures are your best bet for teenage or adult fans who love the gory Predators from various movies. Most Predator figures are highly articulated and collectible.

Best Predator Toys Guide: Conclusion

The best Predator toys aren’t about finding nightmares for kids because they aren’t suitable for younger children. Instead, buy one for a child who appreciates collections or enjoys fantasy battle games. My advice is that you buy action figures within the collectible sizes. Cosplay is another fantastic option for teenagers.

I recommend buying the Alien vs. Predator Warrior Predator Action Figure because most fans know the Predator well. In addition, no Predator beats a warrior because they would do anything to defend their species. However, I fell in love with Warrior Predator when I saw the beautifully detailed statue at Comic-Con.

Otherwise, speak to your teen about which Predators they like and how you can help them start a collection. Of course, teens still enjoy fantasy games. So, bring them on board the collectible train because it gives them toys of which they can be proud. But remember to show them how to look after the Predator action figures.

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