Caroline Lambert

Carol strongly believes that different toys appeal to different kids and their needs. She loves sharing her experience as a parent while exposing the pet peeves and amazing advantages of each toy. Additionally, Carol is an avid collector, always considering whether a toy has collector potential. Carol is here to share the best toys she finds because she's passionate about them and wants other parents to benefit from their potential rather than the setbacks.

18 of the Best How to Train Your Dragon Toys

I have something special in-store in my Best How to Train Your Dragons Toys list, whether Toothless zooms through your mind or you can’t stop thinking of Meatlug’s clumsiness. Selecting the best among countless toys is about purposeful playtime activities. Hookfang, Toothless, Barf, and Belch are hot-themed toys in 2022. It’s about picking suitable toys for …

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