Best Trolls Toys Guide for a Feeling You Can’t Stop

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I can hear the songs in my mind when I think of the Trolls movies. I’m about to dive into the best Trolls toys guide to help you find that hint of magic. Each toy brings a different sense of joy for parents and children, with potential setbacks. I’ve been a mom long enough to know every toy comes with pros and cons.

Trolls are movie-themed toys appropriate to specific age groups. Kids can enjoy different playtime activities with the range of Trolls toys available. Additionally, they’ll be scooping up the developmental benefits of every wild, touring, and glittery toy from the movies. Step into the magical world with me to find a suitable toy.

Bottom Line Up Front

Trolls toys are magical, musical, classical, and exceptional. My primary reason for loving them isn’t that my kids gain the urge of an impatient cucumber when they hear “Trolls toys.” It’s that I see past the joys they bring my kids. I see the many benefits noisy, battery-operated toys bring.

Not all Trolls toys are noisy. There are wonderfully creative options without music, including the Trolls Necklace Activity Set and the Lego Trolls World Tour Building Kit. However, kids who love Trolls also have a passion for music. Musical Trolls toys bring new pleasures for the mind, even if the body might suffer (your eardrums).

My daughter smashes the musical limits of my ears with the Trolls Poppy Rock Guitar. My son is adamant about learning every song on the Karaoke Trolls Toy. I need patience and a reminder of how these toys benefit my kids before I return to some form of normalcy after the head-banging rock contest in the playroom.

You’re the parent, meaning you get to select the appropriate toy for your Trolls fans at home. Consider the pros and cons of each Trolls toy type before running from the musical ones. My tips allow you to cope with the noise, as it does with me. If you’re ready for a magical tour of Trolls toys, pop into my top picks at a glance.

My Top Trolls Toys at a Glance

There’s a unique Trolls toy waiting to teach your children skills, from dancing dolls to Lego building kits. Rock it out with the best Trolls toys for kids. Here’s a glance at my favorites and why:

  1. Best Trolls Action Figure: The Poppy Singing Doll Figure is an action figure that doubles as an interactive toy with music, sounds, and interchangeable clothes. She’s my favorite, for sure.
  2. Best Trolls Arts and Crafts Toy: The Neon Create and Color Trolls Art Set is a wild adventure for kids who love creating bright and colorful artwork. You’ll have something new for your fridge soon enough.
  3. Best Trolls Board Game: The Trolls World Tour Board Game is a new player in the family-strategy gaming field. I love it because it teaches my kids skills while we all have fun together.
  4. Best Trolls Construction Toy: The Lego Trolls World Tour Building Kit smashes all the construction Trolls toys out of the way. It’s an essential building tool every Trolls fan should own.
  5. Best Trolls Doll: The 3-Piece Trolls Doll Set wins because it has three notable characters from Trolls: World Tour. It’s fantastic for kids who want character dolls.
  6. Best Trolls Educational Toy: The Trolls Play-Doh Kit is an educational toy that doubles as a sensory toy. It’s a fabulous option for kids learning to feel different textures and build things.
  7. Best Trolls Interactive Toy: The Trolls DJ Trollex Party Mixer Toy strikes the perfect balance between interactive and musical toys. Kids press buttons and learn skills while having fun.
  8. Best Trolls Musical Instrument Toy: I’m not sure I’ve added enough musical (noisy) toys to my favorites. The Trolls Poppy Rock Guitar belongs among the legends of Trolls toys.
  9. Best Trolls Musical Toy: The Karaoke Trolls Toy is all the music your child needs from the second movie. It has a microphone and has no lack of musical excitement. Fear not, I have some tips coming soon.
  10. Best Trolls Outdoor Toy: The Trolls Kick Scooter is a locomotor winner because it keeps your kids active. It will have kids racing against each other and spending their endless energy.
  11. Best Trolls Plush Toy: The Trollstopia Dancing Poppy Trolls Plush is an adventure waiting to happen for kids who love music and dance. Why not combine the musical aspect with plush toys?
  12. Best Trolls Role-Play Toy: The Trolls Necklace Activity Set will save you from diving under the covers to avoid the musical blowouts from Trolls toys.

Why Choose Trolls Toys?

If you haven’t noticed yet (even though I’ve tried to emphasize it), Trolls toys are primarily musical. Sure, it’s a pain for parents, but the developmental benefits from musical toys outshine any inconvenience. I cherish my children’s development more than my eardrums or sanity.

Musical toys have immense advantages, especially regarding toddlers. Kids become more creative while developing their fine motor and gross motor skills. Creativity is the epicenter of intelligence, in my opinion. However, musical toys also promote cognitive and sensory skills, proving my opinion.

Musical Trolls toys even enhance patience in children because it takes time to master the songs and skills. At the base of it all, musical toys teach kids about emotional expression. I’m sure you know how much it matters if you have a toddler. My kids are older now, but the toddler years were a mess.

Musical toys helped my daughter significantly. If you want your kids learning through Trolls musical toys and activities, dive into my advice to spare your sanity.

Unstoppable Feelings and Troll Toys Advice

I have two-part advice for any parent with kids who love the Trolls. Firstly, Trolls toys aren’t the best options for kids under three. Many of them come with choking hazards and small, chewable parts. A Trolls plush toy might work. I’ll give the recommended ages for each toy.

Secondly, brace yourself because Trolls is a musical and magical movie, especially the second one. Many Trolls toys are battery-operated. Accept that your batteries will run dry all of the time, and I mean that literally. Your figurative batteries will also run dry with the vast ocean of musical toys available from Trolls.

I can genuinely tell you to buy yourself some earplugs. From my daughter rocking her Trolls guitar to my son singing karaoke on the music box, I urge you to buy yourself earplugs. Even worse, most Trolls musical toys repeatedly play the same song. You’re bound to jump off the roof.

Musical toys have far too many benefits to dismiss. Protect your ears and sanity, but allow your kids to flourish with the noisy toys with monotonous songs.

What Makes the Best Trolls Toys?

There are some vintage collectibles, but let’s focus mainly on the toy factor for kids. Trolls are a gateway to musical activities and toys for kids. I think three reasons factor into what makes the best Trolls toys.

  1. The toy should clearly fall into a recognizable type. I’m not focusing on Trolls merchandise like shirts and kiddies’ linen.
  2. I love how my kids enjoy toys, but I’m more passionate about their development. I select Trolls toys that teach my kids two or more skills.
  3. I sometimes focus on value-for-money toys. Who doesn’t like spending the right amount on the best toys? I apply a value rating system to each of the best ones. A score of one means the toy costs less than $25. A score of two means it’s over $25.

Best Trolls Toys Guide: Picks to Ensure the Magic Never Stops

Trolls toys bring a sense of magic to the world. Any movie-themed toy with mystery, magic, and a creative story deserves a spot on the best toys list. Kids need to indulge in their imaginations to expand their horizons. Let’s see what each of my best Trolls toys brings a child.

Best Trolls Action Figure

Pop-to-Rock Poppy Singing Doll with 2 Different Looks Best Trolls Toys Guide

This Trolls musical toy comes with two outfits for rockstar and regular looks, and it sings the famous song, Trolls Just Want to Have Fun. Action figures mean the figure should be in action. The Poppy Singing Doll Figure is as actionable as they come. My daughter went gaga when she saw this Poppy toy. It’s her fave Troll.

Key Features

  • Brand: Dreamworks Trolls
  • Character: Poppy
  • Type: Singing Trolls figure, Poppy figure, and Trolls action figure
  • Age Range: 4 and up
  • Skills: Communication, social, musical, and dexterity
  • Value Rating: 1


  • The Trolls action figure is also an interactive and musical toy
  • Poppy has interchangeable parts and rocks one of the best Trolls songs
  • She comes with two guitars that play the song in different versions


  • Don’t let kids under four play with her
  • She’s not a traditional action figure

Best Trolls Arts and Crafts Toy

Crayola Trolls World Tour, Neon Create & Color Art Set

Arts and crafts toys are valuable tools to help kids develop creative skills. The Neon Create and Color Trolls Art Set steal my attention because of the neon colors’ brightness levels. Sure, you don’t want kids writing on your walls with these colors, but I’ll leave parenting your kids up to you. The set is an excellent choice.

Key Features

  • Brand: Crayola
  • Character: Synth and Poppy
  • Type: Arty Trolls toy and Trolls activity toy
  • Age Range: 5 and up (unless you want neon walls)
  • Skills: Creativity, problem-solving, fine motor, and emotional skills
  • Value Rating: 1


  • The Trolls neon color kit is also an educational and sensory toy
  • Kids can enjoy more than 70 art supplies in one kit
  • The marker colors are as bright as you’d expect them to be


  • Don’t let kids under five play with it
  • Even children over five tend to draw on the walls if they don’t have boundaries

Best Trolls Board Game

Trolls World Tour Cooperative Strategy Board Game

Toys should always include group and family activities, which is why I’m adding a board game to the best Trolls toys guide. The Trolls World Tour Board Game is a ton of fun for the family and will have everyone in stitches. I also like that the game uses characters as moving pieces. It’s a blast for kids over five.

Key Features

  • Brand: Spin Master
  • Character: Diamond, Poppy, Branch, and Biggie
  • Type: Trolls board game and Trolls group activity toy
  • Age Range: 5 and up
  • Skills: Strategy, teamwork, problem-solving, sharing, and communication skills
  • Value Rating: 1


  • The Trolls board game is also an educational and group activity toy
  • The game is hilariously exciting and gets everyone involved in the touring fun
  • It comes with four character movers, one board, 36 tokens, two music tickets, and 40 music cards


  • Don’t let kids under five play with it
  • It takes time to finish one game

Best Trolls Construction Toy

Trolls Playhouse Building Kit with Poppy Troll Minifigure

Lego toys are another must-own for kids learning to traverse this world. It allows kids to expand their mental skills and have fun simultaneously. The Lego Trolls World Tour Building Kit is a great addition for your kids. It’s not the largest Trolls Lego building kit, but it comes with an adorable Poppy figure and pod.

Key Features

  • Brand: Lego
  • Character: Poppy
  • Type: Trolls Lego building kit, Trolls modeling building, Trolls Lego toy
  • Age Range: 4 and up
  • Skills: Cognitive, creativity, fine motor, problem-solving, and teamwork skills
  • Value Rating: 1


  • The Trolls Lego kit is also a sensory and educational toy
  • The Lego kit includes 103 pieces to complete Poppy’s home
  • It’s an imagination playtime activity with numerous game options


  • Don’t let kids under four play with it
  • I wish the kit had more pieces for a more significant challenge

Best Trolls Doll

Trolls W Orld Tour

The 3-Piece Trolls Doll Set is a fabulous toy for kids who love the main characters. They’re not traditional-style dolls, but the hair is as soft as you’d imagine. Young Trolls fans enjoy the figure sets because they can role-play the musical scenes from the movie. The winner is three Trolls and not one.

Key Features

  • Brand: Dreamworks Trolls
  • Character: Poppy, Branch, and Diamond
  • Type: Trolls dolls and Trolls figure toys
  • Age Range: 4 and up
  • Skills: Social, communication, and fine motor skills
  • Value Rating: 2


  • The Trolls figure set is a doll and action figure toy
  • Kids can enjoy the three main characters from the World Tour movie
  • The set has accessories, including a brush and scepter


  • Don’t let kids under four play with them
  • The hair becomes messy when kids play with them enough

Best Trolls Educational Toy

Play-Doh Trolls

Educational toys are essential in early childhood. The Trolls Play-Doh Kit is a sure winner because it also features a Trolls sensory toy. Kids learn so much with Play-Doh. They build, create, and expand their senses. Trolls sensory toys help to design your child’s mind and creativity. I already ordered one for my daughter.

Key Features

  • Brand: Play-Doh
  • Character: Poppy
  • Type: Trolls educational toy, Trolls sensory toy, and Trolls modeling kit
  • Age Range: 3 and up
  • Skills: Creativity, fine motor, problem-solving, sensory, and intellectual skills
  • Value Rating: 1


  • The Play-Doh Trolls toy is a sensory, educational, and modeling toy
  • The Trolls modeling kit has six cans of Play-Doh to enjoy various colors
  • The kit also comes with a Poppy figure and accessories


  • Don’t let kids under three play with it without supervision
  • It will create some sticky fingers yet happy memories

Best Trolls Interactive Toy

Trolls 2 World Tour DJ Trollex Party

The Trolls DJ Trollex Party Mixer Toy is a party waiting to happen for your kids. It might be a noisy party in your ears, but kids learn a lot from pressing buttons and getting results. All of the parts work on the mixer. Your kids can jam to their favorite tunes while making you wish you bought earplugs.

Key Features

  • Brand: Dreamworks Trolls
  • Character: DJ Trollex
  • Type: Musical Trolls toy, Trolls interactive toy, and Trolls educational toy
  • Age Range: 3 and up
  • Skills: Musical, communication, social, fine motor, emotional, and cause-and-effect
  • Value Rating: 2


  • The Party Mixer Trolls toy is an interactive, musical, and educational toy
  • The Trolls turntable toy has 13 buttons, one mixer, and two tempo sliders
  • It’s brightly colored and beautiful for kids to learn better


  • Don’t let kids under three play with it
  • You’re bound to crawl the walls with the noises or how many batteries you buy

Best Trolls Musical Instrument Toy

Trolls DreamWorks World Tour Poppy's Rock Guitar

Trolls toys are as musical as the movie, and you’ll do yourself a huge favor by following my number one tip. However, musical toys have many benefits and create endless fun for kids. The Trolls Poppy Rock Guitar is a splash of bling with a sprinkle of noise. It’s a battery-operated guitar with pop and rock song versions.

Key Features

  • Brand: Dreamworks Trolls
  • Character: Poppy
  • Type: Trolls musical instrument, Trolls musical toy, and Trolls sensory toy
  • Age Range: 3 and up
  • Skills: Musical, cognitive, fine motor, creativity, and gross motor skills
  • Value Rating: 1


  • The Trolls rock guitar is also a sensory and interactive toy
  • Kids get to rock one version of the song before popping it down with another version
  • The Trolls guitar is a genuine musical toy with movable buttons and strings


  • Don’t let kids under three play with it
  • Get ready for a rocking anthem of screeches and endless batteries

Best Trolls Musical Toy

KIDdesigns Trolls World Tour Bluetooth MP3 Sing Along Karaoke Machine

Musical activities are countless with Trolls toys because the little guys love singing and dancing. I enjoy watching my daughter sing along to the movies. It’s one of her favorite movies. The Karaoke Trolls Toy allows her to bring her inner diva to the surface. Trust me; my daughter has no shortage of diva in her bones.

Key Features

  • Brand: Kid Designs
  • Character: Poppy, Bridget, Branch, Diamond, DJ Suki, and more
  • Type: Musical Trolls toy, Trolls karaoke box, Interactive Trolls toy
  • Age Range: 4 and up
  • Skills: Musical, physical, communication, social, intellectual, and emotional skills
  • Value Rating: 2


  • The Trolls music box is an educational, sensory, and musical toy
  • The Bluetooth Trolls karaoke toy has two ports, one microphone, and a compelling speaker
  • It plays any songs you want your kids to learn if you upload them via the USB port


  • Don’t let kids under four get their hands on it
  • Again, the speaker is ridiculously loud and will drive parents up the walls (solve this by adding numerous songs)

Best Trolls Outdoor Toy

PlayWheels Licensed Kick Scooter

Musical toys and Trolls building kits are fantastic, but you also want your kids to spend time outdoors. Locomotor toys are essential for kids to stay fit while having fun. The Trolls Kick Scooter does justice to your child’s outdoor needs while they enjoy their favorite Trolls toys.

Key Features

  • Brand: Play Wheels
  • Character: Diamond and Poppy
  • Type: Trolls toy, Trolls outdoor toy, and Trolls ride-on toy
  • Age Range: 3 and up
  • Skills: Dexterity, gross motor, social, teamwork, and strategic skills
  • Value Rating: 2


  • The Trolls ride-on toy is an outdoors, travel, and adventure toy
  • Kids can spend hours racing against each other and strengthening their muscles
  • The Trolls kick scooter is a quality design with a value-packed price


  • Don’t let kids under three ride the scooter
  • It’s only a scooter with a Trolls sticker attached

Best Trolls Plush Toy

DreamWorks TrollsTopia Dancing Poppy Feature Plush

Plush toys are incredible additions to any kid’s collection, but a musical plush toy is next-level awesome. The Trollstopia Dancing Poppy Trolls Plush shows a return of Poppy to the scene. She’s an adorable plush Trolls toy with a dancing bug in her step. The colors and quality of the Trolls toy are awe-inspiring.

Key Features

  • Brand: Just Play Store
  • Character: Poppy
  • Type: Musical Trolls toy, Trolls plush toy, and Interactive Trolls toy
  • Age Range: 3 and up
  • Skills: Communication, gross motor, and musical skills
  • Value Rating: 2


  • The Trolls Poppy plush is a musical, interactive, and plush toy
  • Poppy shakes her booty to the sounds of Trolls Just Want to Have Fun when you press her hand
  • The Poppy toy has the famously colorful hair known to the Trolls


  • Don’t let kids younger than three play with her
  • Get ready for your kids to drive you insane (you’ll soon have the song stuck in your head)

Best Trolls Role-Play Toy

Tara Toys Trolls Necklace Activity Set

Before you dive off the cliff of musical insanity, let me show you a non-noisy toy to calm your mind again. Role-play Trolls toys don’t have to include guitars and microphones. The Trolls Necklace Activity Set welcomes kids to spend their imagination energy on something creative without a blaring noise or the need for batteries.

Key Features

  • Brand: Tara Toys
  • Character: Poppy, Branch, Smidge, Cooper, and Queen Barb
  • Type: Trolls building kit and Trolls toy necklace
  • Age Range: 3 and up
  • Skills: Creativity, intellect, fine motor, and emotional skills
  • Value Rating: 1


  • The Trolls activity set is also a creative and construction toy
  • Kids can create gorgeous necklaces or other jewelry they desire with plastic, metal, and rubber pieces
  • The Trolls toy activity set include 150 beads, five necklaces, and five character charms


  • Don’t let kids under three near this activity set with all the small choking hazards
  • There are two Poppy character necklaces instead of using a new Troll
Just Play Mickey Mouse 7

If you’re not ready for the head-banging, noise-amplifying nature of most Trolls toys on my list, you can consider some alternatives.

Alternative Toys by Age

Buy toys recommended for your child’s age. Alexandra has some fabulous options for 7-year-olds, and Jodie brings to life the best toys for 9-year-olds.

Alternative Noiseless Magic Toys

Top Q&A

Question: What Age Group Works With Trolls Toys?

Answer: Trolls toys come with many small parts and choking hazards. Most of the Trolls toys you find are better suited to kids three and older. Older toddlers are still learning many skills, and they’ll continue to benefit from the musical Trolls toys. Always follow the recommended age group on Trolls toys.

Question: Are Trolls Toys Valuable?

Answer: I collect vintage toys, and the modern Trolls toys aren’t collectible like some vintage Trolls. The vintage Trolls, also known as lucky Trolls, have colorful hair and adorable bodies. The figures aren’t worth as much as you’d think, though. The vintage Trolls range from $5 to $200 each.

Question: Are Modern Trolls Toys Popular?

Answer: I recommend you ask a child the same question. Trolls toys appeal primarily to younger kids, but their popularity isn’t debatable. Trolls World Tour opened a can of magic, music, and everything kids love. Amazon alone throws you seven pages of colorful, rocking, and musical Trolls toys.

Question: What is the Most Rocking Trolls Toy in 2022?

Answer: Popularity comes down to customer feedback. The Poppy Doll has amounted to more than 12,000 happy customers compared to other Trolls toys. The Lego Trolls Kit is second with over 2,600 satisfied customers. The Trolls World Tour Poppy & Branch Friendship Dolls come third with over 2,200 happy customers.

Best Trolls Toys Guide: Final Song

Trolls toys are unmistakably famous, which would make the fictional Poppy character proud. She aims for fame. You’ll also notice how she steals the light in Trolls toys, being on nearly every option. Anyway, I respect my kids’ advantages from loving a musical, magical toy range.

My kids come first with toys, and I consider their joy and my parental goals for them. My daughter plays well with the Trolls Poppy Rock Guitar, while my son loves the Karaoke Trolls Toy. I hope to add the Trolls Kick Scooter to my daughter’s physical routine. She loves Poppy so much that she’ll never say no.

My favorite toy from the band is undoubtedly the Poppy Singing Doll Figure because I’m a collector at heart. It’s not a traditional action figure, but it’s certainly the most collectible Trolls toy I found. Whether you want your kids to rock to the music from the movies, or you want them building creative skills, act now.

Trolls fans will love any toy from my recommendations. Select a toy to help your child develop what you wish, and get it today. Your child will likely drive you up the walls, but they’re learning something while doing it.

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