Best Squishy Toys Guide for Sensory Experiences

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How much fun is it to squish toys? I’ll show you how exciting of an activity it is to squeeze toys in this best squishy toys guide. Children get as much satisfaction from squeezing the best squishy-themed toys as you and I do. The squishy toys also appeal to many age groups, and some are safe for babies.

Kids can gain so much more than an enjoyable experience with sensory toys. I’ll share the benefits with you, including how squishy toys help children with ADHD and autism.

Do you obsess over how much your child learns while having fun? Then, you’re my kind of parent. Let’s see which are the best squishy toys.

Bottom Line Up Front

I’m a parent who enjoys the stress-relieving effects of squishy toys, but I love how they help my kids with so many challenges. My friend’s autistic girl has a wide range of squishy toys, including the Globbie Stress Ball Jelly Beads Squishy Toy. It helps her child calm down and avoid excessive compulsive behaviors.

My little girl loves many animals in the Squishy Paradise 8-Pack Animal Squishy Toys. I always pick the best toys by looking at how each one benefits my children. I combine the benefits with my children’s love for the most popular brands, types, and characters, and I win the mommy award each time.

She also loves unicorns a little too much, and the Mochi Fantasy Squishy Toy Pack would make her happy. My son is a boy who typically loves dinosaurs and anything that glows in the dark. The Glow-in-the-Dark Unicorn Squishy Toy helps me encourage my daughter and son to play together with something they both love.

My son loves the Minions, even though he should be outgrowing them. The Squishy Minions Toy Figures is appealing to him. Furthermore, he has a thing for superheroes like most kids. I’m thinking of ordering him the Superheroes DC Goo Jit Zu Squishy Pack. Anyway, let me show you the many options available.

It doesn’t matter which squishy trend your kids love. It doesn’t matter if they prefer one brand to another. I’ve got you covered for the best squishy toys around. I only select squishy toys that fit into trending brands and types. You merely have to match them to your child’s passions to help them benefit from sensory toys.

My Top Squishy Toys at a Glance

Squishy Toys

I’ll show you the squishy toy that works for autism and ADHD. The others are favorites because they fall into popular categories, brands, and characters. With children, trending toys are the thing to buy. I searched everywhere to find the top 20 popular squishy toy types. The best of each type includes:

  1. Best ADHD & Autism Squishy Toy: Globbie Stress Ball Jelly Beads Squishy Toy
  2. Best Animal Squishy Toy Pack: Squishy Paradise 8-Pack Animal Squishy Toys
  3. Best Egg Squishy Toy: Easter Egg Squishy Toy Pack
  4. Best Fantasy Squishy Toy Pack: Mochi Fantasy Squishy Toy Pack
  5. Best Fidget Squishy Toy: Glow-in-the-Dark Pop-It Fidget Squishy Toy
  6. Best Food Squishy Toy Pack: Jumbo Movie Food Squishy Toys
  7. Best Glitter Squishy Toy: Kawaii Galaxy Deer Squishy Toy
  8. Best Glow-in-the-Dark Squishy Toy: Glow-in-the-Dark Unicorn Squishy Toys
  9. Best Jumbo Squishy Toy: Panda Jumbo Squishy Toy
  10. Best Minions Squishy Toy: Squishy Minions Toy Figures
  11. Best Mochi Squishy Toy: 36-Piece Mochi Squishy Toy Pack
  12. Best Nee Doh Squishy Toy: Nee Doh Cool Cats Squishy Toy
  13. Best Sea Creature Squishy Toy Pack: Sea Life Animals Squishy Toy Pack
  14. Best Scented Galaxy Squishy Toy: Strawberry-Scented Galaxy Squishy Toy
  15. Best Slime Squishy Toy: Cotton Candy Stretchy, Squishy Slime Toy
  16. Best Slow-Rise Squishy Toy: Slow-Rise Dino Squishy Toy Pack
  17. Best Superhero Squishy Toy Pack: Superheroes DC Goo Jit Zu Squishy Pack
  18. Best Squishmallows Plush: Grogu, the Child, Squishmallow Plush
  19. Best Squishy Figure Toy: The Hulk Marvel Goo Jit Zu Squishy Figure
  20. Best Squishy Little Dumplings Toy: My Squishy Little Dumplings Dot Blue Squishy Toy

Best Squishy Toys Guide: All You Need to Know

Kids go through trendy ideas, and squishy toys are one of them. What the heck is a squishy toy? I’ll answer the question every parent wants to answer. You’ll love the benefits, and I’ll share how you can pick the best squishy toys for any child.

What is a Squishy Toy?

Squishy Toy

Squishy toys are soft toys kids can enjoy molding, shaping, and squeezing, returning to their standard shape. Squishmallows is a famous brand with the same concept, but numerous squishy toys are available. The specially designed polyurethane foam in squishy toys is also safe for children.

Squishy toys fall into the stress toys category, which has been around for adults for some time. Stress toys allow adults to relieve stress at work. They also improve attention, focus, and productivity. It was a matter of time before squishy toys became a child’s game. The options for kids are countless. Some examples include:

There are many examples, but there’s a squishy toy for every child. I’m focusing on children, and you’ll understand why when you consider my advice.

Squishy Advice for Parents

My daughter once threw a ground-shaking tantrum in a supermarket. I swear I could feel the earthquake shattering the shelves around me. Thank goodness she’s over the tantrum stage, but I’ll never forget that day. She wasn’t screaming for a squishy toy. She wanted a new unicorn doll.

I read about squishy toys before, and one caught my eye. I thought fast and shoved it in her hands, hoping for the best. I gently squeezed her hands around the toy, and her attention moved from shaking the ground with her mighty lungs to feeling the exciting sensation between her fingers.

Squishy toys are entertaining methods for parents to help kids of all ages with numerous challenges. Teenagers who struggle with the stress of daily life as they transform into young adults can benefit from the relief and improved focus. I’m also impressed by the learning experience toddlers and babies have with squishy toys.

Healthy early childhood development is a dream for most parents. Kids learn coordination, sensory, emotional resilience, and fine motor skills. Perhaps I’m most intrigued by the science behind squishy toys. Squishy toys aid children with two significant challenges, namely attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism.

The ability to hone a child’s attention to something sensory can stop the rushing thoughts that plague children with both disorders. My advice is simple. Your child should own a squishy toy. Different squishy toys appeal to various age groups.

Allowing your child to help you pick the best character, brand, or type of popular squishy toy ensures that they enjoy the toy more.

Buying the Best Squishy Toys

Parents should think about which squishy toys benefit their children. You want the squishy toy to include three criteria:

  1. It must be a sensory experience. Squishy toys have moldable shapes for kids to squish between their fingers.
  2. It must be suitable for children of varied ages. Some squishy toys won’t suit babies, but I’ll mention it if the toy doesn’t work for chewy munchkins.
  3. The squishy toy should be a popular type, brand, or character. Mochi, slow-rise, and jumbo squishy toys are some examples.

Best Squishy Toys Guide: The Magic-Makers

Welcome to the world of everything squishy. The best squishy toys include water playtimes, beaded inners, and scented delights. They also have the most prominent brands like Squishmallows, Goo Jit Zu, and Kawaii.

Best ADHD & Autism Squishy Toy

Globbie Stress Ball Jelly Beads Squishy Toy

ADHD and autism are taxing conditions for parents, but they don’t desire their kids to have the best in life any less than another parent. I have a friend with an autistic little girl. I take my hat off to how she manages her beautiful daughter. She continuously buys toys that help her little girl fend off the compulsive behaviors.

Squishy Features

  • Brand: Globbie Squishy Toys
  • Size: 3.5″
  • Age Group: 3+
  • Includes: One squishy ball with beads inside


  • It has the added benefit of jelly beads that distract children with ADHD and autism
  • It’s a squishy toy that targets anxiety, stress, autism, and ADHD in children and adults


  • It’s not appropriate for little ones under three

Best Animal Squishy Toy Pack

Squishy Paradise 8-Pack Animal Squishy Toys

What child isn’t obsessed with animal toys? Even I favored my animals as a child, and my kids love anything cute and furry. My daughter goes wild for puppies, kittens, goats, and bunnies, including three of the animals in this pack. My son loves elephants. Maybe that’s the reason for me selecting this animal pack.

Squishy Features

  • Brand: Squishy Paradise
  • Size: 3.85″ each
  • Age Group: All ages
  • Includes: Two elephants, two giraffes, one bunny, one cow, one puppy, and one squishy penguin toy


  • The animal squishy toy pack includes many of the all-time favorites for young kids
  • The squishy animal toys are scented slow-risers and more significant than most


  • I wish the pack had a kitten

Best Egg Squishy Toy Pack

Easter Egg Squishy Toy Pack

Do you still have Easter egg hunts with your kids? What if you hid squishy egg toys this year instead? At least, you won’t have to worry about edible eggs hiding in the garden brush. I consider using these colorful Easter egg squishy toys to give my daughter a different experience. I’ll still spoil her with a real Easter egg.

Squishy Features

  • Brand: 90 Shine Store
  • Size: 2.2″ each
  • Age Group: All ages
  • Includes: 15 colorful Easter egg squishy toys


  • The squishy egg toys have gorgeous Easter-themed colors and patterns
  • They double as slow-rising and all-age squishy toys


  • Kids might not enjoy them all year

Best Fantasy Squishy Toy Pack

Mochi Fantasy Squishy Toy Pack

Children have phenomenal imaginations, and I love seeing my daughter pretends that her unicorns are real. Yes, she’s obsessed with unicorns like most girls. She has a bed full of them. Now you understand why I didn’t want to buy another unicorn doll randomly. Girls will always love unicorn toys. Boys like dinosaur toys more.

Squishy Features

  • Brand: JoFan
  • Size: 2″ each
  • Age Group: 2+
  • Includes: 12 dinosaurs, 12 sea creatures, and 12 squishy unicorn toys


  • Kids can enjoy 36 pieces of their favorite fantasy creatures, including prehistoric dinos and the best the sea has to offer
  • The Kawaii squishy toys come in various colors and are in adorable positions


  • The squishy toy sizes are too small for babies

Best Fidget Squishy Toy

Glow-in-the-Dark Pop-It Fidget Squishy Toy

I love the squishy fidget toy for four reasons. It’s a classical ball shape with glow-in-the-dark effects and pop-it features. Finally, it’s a squishy toy that works for any fidgeting, stress-relieving purposes. It knocks numerous favorites out of the park for kids and adults. I can see myself playing with this squishy toy.

Squishy Features

  • Brand: Janes Vissy
  • Size: 2.55″ each
  • Age Group: 3+
  • Includes: Four luminous squishy balls


  • The squishy balls light up in the dark, feel incredible as a fidget toy, and have a stretchy nature
  • The balls have sound effects when you squish them


  • It doesn’t work for kids younger than three

Best Food Squishy Toy Pack

jumbo movie food squishy toys

Food squishy toys are common and famous among children. Food brings a sense of peace and comfort as much as squishy toys do. The idea of watching your favorite movie is another comfort, and kids will watch movies all day if they can. I like this squishy toy pack because it has the movie experience and feeling.

Squishy Features

  • Brand: Prextex
  • Size: 2.5″ to 6.5″
  • Age Group: All ages
  • Includes: A watermelon, ice-cream, late, coffee, cake, donut, and popcorn squishy toy


  • You won’t feel more like you’re in the movies than sitting and squishing this pack
  • The squishy food toys come in unique sizes and textures for a variety


  • Parents might have hungry children every time they squish these toys

Best Glitter Squishy Toy

Kawaii Galaxy Deer Squishy Toy

According to cartoons, a deer is an adorable creature, so combine it with a glitter effect to have girls drool at the toy. My little girl passed my workspace while I looked at the squishy deer toy, and guess what? She’s added one more toy to her wishlist. I’ll admit it’s a heart-warming little squishy with added benefits.

Squishy Features

  • Brand: Siaonvr Kawaii
  • Size: 4.33″
  • Age Group: All ages
  • Includes: One squishy deer toy


  • The bow on top of the glittery deer’s head makes her perfect for little girls
  • The glitter effect is from the Galaxy squishy toy range, which is also a scented slow-riser


  • I think it suits girls better than boys

Best Glow-in-the-Dark Squishy Toy

Glow-in-the-Dark Unicorn Squishy Toys

Glow-in-the-dark toys are as fabulous and famous as squishy toys. Unicorns appeal strongly to girls, but this squishy pack might appeal to boys because of the glow-in-the-dark effect. I don’t mind my son playing with traditionally girly toys. It encourages my son to play with his little sister.

Squishy Features

  • Brand: Beiguo
  • Size: 4.3″ each
  • Age Group: 3+
  • Includes: Four uniquely colored unicorn squishy toys


  • The squishy unicorn toys also have mini beads for added pleasure inside
  • You can’t believe how stretchy these jumbo squishy toys feel


  • The inner beads and unicorn manes aren’t safe for babies and kids under three

Best Jumbo Squishy Toy

Panda Jumbo Squishy Toy

Jumbo squishy toys are a thing, too. I had a hard time selecting the best jumbo squishy toy because many fantastic options exist. I eventually picked the panda because it appeals to boys and girls, and it’s an insanely cute squishy toy. It also comes in a dinosaur, unicorn, sheep, and squishy ice-cream toy.

Squishy Features

  • Brand: Aolige
  • Size: 6’7″
  • Age Group: All ages
  • Includes: A giant panda squishy toy


  • It’s one of the most oversized squishy toys available and comes in different animals
  • It’s a slow-rise squishy toy with the cutest panda cheeks


  • It looks like a ball (but pandas generally do)

Best Minions Squishy Toy

Squishy Minions Toy Figures

Minions toys are a fan-favorite, but the squishable versions are something else. The Minions are insanely famous with younger kids, and you can’t deny how squishable they look in the movies. My son will do backflips if he sees the squishable Minions. I think he has enough squishy toys and Minions toys.

Squishy Features

  • Brand: Mash’ems
  • Size: 1.8″
  • Age Group: 3+
  • Includes: One Minion squishy toy per purchase


  • The Minions available include Kevin, Otto, Stuart, Bob, and Gru as fan-favorites
  • I think nothing looks more squishable than the Minions


  • The Minions squishy toys are far too small for kids under three

Best Mochi Squishy Toy

36-Piece Mochi Squishy Toy Pack

Mochi toys aren’t a brand but rather a style of mini squishy toys. Children love the Mochi selections because they include many favorite animals. I picked one that provides for my children’s favorite animals again. This animal squishy toy pack even has kittens, and it consists of a few sea creatures for water play.

Squishy Features

  • Brand: Zioblw Mochi Toys
  • Size: 1.5″ to 2.5″
  • Age Group: 3+
  • Includes: 36 Mochi animal squishy toys


  • I love the selection of kittens, elephants, unicorns, bunnies, pigs, and squishy puppy toys
  • It’s a big pack that keeps kids entertained with mini squishy toys for a long time


  • The Mochi squishy toys are too small for kids under three

Best Nee Doh Squishy Toy

Nee Doh Cool Cats Squishy Toy

Nee Doh is a famous play on squishy toys and Play-Doh. Play-Doh is a well-known sensory toy and making it a squishy option doubles the fun and learning experiences. My kids had their fair share of Play-Doh, and my little girl still loves it. She’s also a huge fan of Cool Cats.

Squishy Features

  • Brand: Nee Doh
  • Size: 2.5″
  • Age Group: All ages
  • Includes: One Cool Cats squishy toy


  • It’s a famous toy brand and cartoon series for kids to enjoy
  • It comes in pink, blue, green, red, and yellow


  • It says not suitable for kids under three, but it’s a lovely squishy toy under supervision

Best Sea Creatures Squishy Toy Pack

Sea Life Animals Squishy Toy Pack

Children love the beach and all the surprises in the water and under rocks. My daughter loves hunting for starfish when we go to our favorite beach. My son’s always obsessed with sharks and crabs. I had to add the sea creatures squishy toy category because the animals intrigue children enough to enjoy them.

Squishy Features

  • Brand: Art Creativity
  • Size: 1.5″ each
  • Age Group: 3+
  • Includes: 24 gooey, gummy-style squishy toys


  • The pack includes fantastic sea life squishy toys like sharks, starfish, jellyfish, crabs, turtles, seals, whales, and seahorses
  • I love the fish that looks like Nemo because it adds to the popularity of the pack with kids


  • The sea life squishy toys are way too small for kids under three

Best Scented Galaxy Squishy Toy

Strawberry-Scented Galaxy Squishy Toy

Squishy toys target a child’s senses to calm them down, help them focus, and distract them with sensory experiences. A strawberry-scented squishy toy is a magical experience for more than your child’s fingers. I’ve smelled scented squishy toys, and they’re amazing. Strawberries are also my daughter’s favorite fruit.

Squishy Features

  • Brand: Hellobye
  • Size: 5.11″
  • Age Group: All ages
  • Includes: One sweet-smelling strawberry squishy toy


  • It’s also a slow-rising jumbo squishy toy with glitter effects
  • The blue and purple strawberry adds to the imaginative play effect


  • It’s not the right color for a strawberry (but who cares?)

Best Slime Squishy Toy

Cotton Candy Stretchy, Squishy Slime Toy

My son went through the slime phase. Everything was full of the gooey slime in every color imaginable. I didn’t mind his obsession with slime because it worked like a fidget or sensory toy. Now, you also get squishy slime toys, doubling the gooey fun kids enjoyed so much.

Squishy Features

  • Brand: Oosh
  • Size: 1.5″
  • Age Group: 3+
  • Includes: One cotton-candy style of slime squishy toy


  • The cotton-candy slime squishy toy is stretchable beyond what others go
  • It comes with a cute squishy figure and doubles as a scented slow-riser


  • It’s not big enough for kids under three

Best Slow-Rise Squishy Toy

Slow-Rise Dino Squishy Toy Pack

Slow-rise squishy toys are the best thing since sliced bread. I love this slow-rise squishy toy pack because it includes two of my son’s favorite dinosaurs, the t-rex, and stegosaurus. The dinos are also safer than most jumbo squishy toys for all ages because they have a solid design.

Squishy Features

  • Brand: Prextex
  • Size: 10″ and 9″
  • Age Group: All ages
  • Includes: One t-rex squishy toy and one squishy stegosaurus toy


  • The slow-rising dinosaurs are also scented and pretty massive for squishy toys
  • The dinos squish better than most squishy toys, even bending the nose and tail together


  • Small kids might struggle with the size

Best Superhero Squishy Toy Pack

Superheroes DC Goo Jit Zu Squishy Pack

Superhero toys are favorites for kids and adults. My son loves the Batman Goo Jit Zu squishy toy and the Superman Goo Jit Zu squishy toy the most from the pack. Still, I love the collection because a child gets four options, including the Flash and Aquaman. The Flash is a DC favorite of mine.

Squishy Features

  • Brand: Heroes of Goo Jit Zu
  • Size: 5.43″
  • Age Group: 2+
  • Includes: A Batman Squishy toy, Superman Squishy toy, Flash squishy toy, and Aquaman squishy toy


  • The stretchable and squishy superheroes from the Goo Jit Zu brand are hugely popular
  • I think the four heroes included are some of the best ones from DC


  • I wouldn’t allow kids under two to chew on the smaller finishes

Best Squishmallows Plush

Grogu, the Child, Squishmallow Plush

Squishmallows count as squishy toys on the plush end. They feel like marshmallows between your fingers, and kids go wild for them. Squishmallows is also a collectible brand, and my kids have a few squad members. I’m selecting one I think fits all ages and genders, the Grogu Child from the Mandalorian.

Squishy Features

  • Brand: Squishmallows
  • Size: 20″
  • Age Group: All ages
  • Includes: One Grogu Squishmallow


  • You can’t go wrong with a Star Wars-themed squishy toy
  • It’s the most giant and adorable squishy toy I can find


  • It will tower over little ones

Best Squishy Figure Toy

The Hulk Marvel Goo Jit Zu Squishy Figure

Marvel also has a few fan-favorite squishy toy superheroes, and the Hulk makes a fantastic bendable, stretchy toy. This squishy superhero toy also has the gamma-ray Hulk version. My partner loves the Hulk more than my kids, but I know children admire the superhero.

Squishy Features

  • Brand: Heroes of Goo Jit Zu
  • Size: 5.87″
  • Age Group: 2+
  • Includes: One gamma-ray Hulk stretchable figure


  • I love how Goo Jit Zu fills the toys with a gooey gel that makes them stretch three times their size
  • You can’t have squishy superhero toys without a Marvel legend


  • I won’t let kids under two chew on this toy

Best Squishy Little Dumplings Toy

My Squishy Little Dumplings Dot Blue Squishy Toy

My Squishy Little Dumplings are adorably squishy figures taking the children’s toy market by storm. They make me think of My Little Pony, and the characters are cutely poppable. Squish the toy and see which part of the character pops out. It’s not a new concept. My daughter had a similar toy as a toddler.

Squishy Features

  • Brand: My Squishy Little Dumplings
  • Size: 3″
  • Age Group: 2+
  • Includes: One squeezable Dot squishy


  • It’s a full-blown sensory toy with sound effects and different emotions when kids squish the cutie
  • You get mystery accessories that double the fun for young kids, and it’s collectible


  • I think it’s too much for kids under two

Top Q&A

Question: Are Beaded Squishy Toys Safe for Kids?

Answer: My advice as a mom is to always go with your gut. Beaded squishy toys have various bead types. Gel water bead toys are soft, but they’re still not edible for chewy tots. The same applies to Farm Beadiez toys. No beads are safe for eating or chewing, so follow your instincts and the recommended ages on any toy.

Question: Which Squishy Toys Have Superheroes?

Answer: Superhero toys are a craze for many children (and adult fans). Understandably, you want them in all the shapes, sizes, and types of toys you can find. The Heroes of Goo Jit Zu have a range of superheroes. They have a Spiderman squishy toy, an Astro squishy toy, and a Black Panther squishy toy, among others.

Question: Which Squishy Toy Becomes a New Character When You Squeeze It?

Answer: Honestly, many squishy toys look like alien characters when you squeeze the life out of them. However, there’s one squishy toy that promises a hidden character when you squeeze the popping parts out. My Little Dumplings squishy toys are adorable, heart-melting, and changeable when squeezed.

Best Squishy Toys Guide: Conclusion

What does your child need from their squishy toys? Do you have a child with autism or ADHD? The Globbie Stress Ball Jelly Beads Squishy Toy is a good choice. Do you have a superhero fan you want playing with sensory toys? In that case, the Superheroes DC Goo Jit Zu Squishy Pack is ideal.

Do you have a daughter who loves unicorns? The Mochi Fantasy Squishy Toy Pack appeals to kids with a passion for horned horses and those who’ve heard the trend about the Mochi toys. You can’t go wrong with the Glow-in-the-Dark Unicorn Squishy Toy because every child has a thing for luminous toys.

Buying toys is easy, but buying them with a purpose is the next level of parenting. Please take my advice; look for toys that benefit your children. I’ve shown you the top 20 trends this year, so go ahead and pick one that suits your child’s interests while giving them so much more than a fun time.

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