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Did you know children can play FNAF away from their smartphones? If not, I have some fantastic news in the best FNAF toys guide. I’m a mother of two, one of whom played all the FNAF games. I didn’t know about the best two types of toys until my son pointed them out. Indeed, the themed toys are creepy.

However, the toys are age-appropriate for kids over 12 and encourage a brilliant playtime activity. In addition, I’ve seen my son smoke from the ears while playing games with the required strategy. So, I have nothing against the horror-themed game that took the world by storm. Instead, I help my son pick the best toys.

Let’s see if I can help you source the best strategic and memorable FNAF toys for your child’s favorite game.

Top FNAF Toys: Bottom Line Up Front

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a smartphone game with many variants. Some kids played Pizzeria Simulator, while others enjoyed Sister Location or Security Breach. Not all children played every game like my son. So, I’ll help you find the best FNAF toys, whether your child enjoyed number three or Sister Location.

Moreover, my selections come from two types of FNAF toys I found. They represent each game perfectly, allowing kids to recreate the strategies and scenes from their favorite games. But first, I have to share my son’s ultimate FNAF toy pick. My son’s best playset is the FNAF Classic Series Show Stage Construction Kit.

My son enjoys construction toys and building models. He loves a challenge and explains how this set would appeal to fans of the first four games. In addition, the playset fits with others if you want to enlarge it. Meanwhile, it’s the giant FNAF construction toy with over 300 pieces. So, it’s a good starter for FNAF toys.

However, I have other favorites that appeal to various FNAF game fans. So, check them out before jumping to the types, tips, and recommendations.

More of the Best FNAF Toys at a Glance

FNAF playsets often offer a glimpse of a game. So, I’ll share a glimpse of three more favorite toys before diving into my best types and how I selected them.

  1. The FNAF Freddy’s Office Construction Kit is the perfect playset for kids who want the iconic security office from the initial games. In addition, it fits with many other sets to build the pizzeria.
  2. The FNAF Pizzeria Simulator Action Figure Playset is my ultimate pick for action figure packs. It includes a security guard for kids to enjoy the best role-playing and strategy games.
  3. The Funko FNAF Series One Action Figure Playset is a favorite because it consists of the original animatronics that started everything. Additionally, the articulated action figures are collectible.

A Complete Guide to the Ultimate FNAF Toys

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a horror-themed smartphone game with a massive fandom. My son played all the games, and I enjoyed a few. However, have you ever considered allowing kids to play with FNAF toys instead? The game has toys that will enable kids to play in simulated scenarios. So, let’s find out more about these toys.

Five Nights at Freddy’s Toys

FNAF Pizzeria Simulator Action Figure Playset Best FNAF Toys Guide

FNAF toys will surprise you because the franchise has a few options you don’t commonly see in other types. Indeed, FNAF has regular toys like action figures, plush, and Funko collectible vinyl with movable joints. Furthermore, you’ll find two toy types that allow kids to replay the game’s on-screen scenarios.

For example, my favorite FNAF toys are construction kits. The FNAF Spotlight Stage Right Kit includes Funtime Freddy with a stage scene from the game. Children have to build the set and mini-figure before playing the imaginary game. Each construction kit focuses on a specific location from one of the games.

Hence, Funtime Freddy would put the example construction smack bang in the middle of the Sister Location game. Each scene or mini-figure comes from different games. The second FNAF toy that helps children replay the on-screen games is a pack of action figures specific to certain games.

For example, the FNAF Pizzeria Simulator Action Figure Playset includes the main animatronics from the specific game. In addition, each one has movable joints for game replays. Nonetheless, these are my favorite FNAF toy types.

Picking Toys That Better Suit Children

The FNAF games are better suited to kids over 12. So, you’ll find that many FNAF toys are suitable for the same age groups. For example, my nine-year-old daughter won’t know each game’s scenes or figures. However, my son will know the scenes from each game he plays. Indeed, he played them all. So, he doesn’t count.

Meanwhile, let’s say your son played the Sister Location game. In that case, scenes and playsets from that game would appeal better to your son. For example, the FNAF Scooping Room Playset features a buildable set from a suitable match. In addition, the FNAF Sister Location Action Figure Playset works for your child.

There have been numerous FNAF games available on the app stores, meaning children might not have played them all. Your kids will likely play with construction kits and action figures they remember from their games. It also grabs their attention better when you appeal to their precise passions.

So, I’ll add the origin of every FNAF playset and toy to help you select the best one for your child’s passions. That way, they can replay their favorite scenes or strategies to escape the living horror of the game, leading to imaginative play scenarios. Pretend games can do wonders for children, even tweens and teens.

How I Selected the Best FNAF Toys

I think you got me. Indeed, I’ll select the best FNAF toys from the two types I prefer. They encourage children to play imaginative games, recreate scenes, and partake in strategic thinking. So, I’ll look for the best FNAF action figure playsets and construction kits. However, the FNAF toys must be specific to certain games.

In the case of action figure playsets, they must appeal to kids who play specific games. For example, an FNAF figure playset with the main animatronics from Pizzeria Simulator would be perfect for kids who played the game. In contrast, FNAF construction toys that recreate scenes from Sister Location would be ideal for its game.

So, the best FNAF toys must be specific to games and the animatronics within the games.

Best FNAF Toys Guide: Top Gamer Picks

FNAF is a nightmarish game, but I don’t mind my son playing it. He benefits from the strategic thinking required to win the game and defend himself from the animatronics. So, let’s see which playsets and construction kits will appeal to the most famous FNAF players. In addition, I’ll share each one’s basic features.

#01 FNAF Arcade Cabinet Construction Kit

FNAF Arcade Cabinet Construction Kit

My first FNAF construction playset includes the horrific Phantom Freddy, looking like he’s about to attack you at the cabinet in the third game’s arcade. The arcade cabinet should be a place of joy and gaming. However, Phantom Freddy has other ideas. Children can replay strategies to bypass Phantom Freddy with this playset.

FNAF Toy Features

  • Origin: FNAF 3
  • Type: FNAF construction toy
  • Animatronics: Phantom Freddy
  • Pieces: 35

FNAF Toy Pros

  • It’s an FNAF building kit filled with educational benefits
  • It doesn’t have many pieces for a quick build
  • The arcade cabinet becomes an interactive piece with a movable joystick
  • The FNAF building kit also becomes a brilliant collectible toy
  • It’s a fabulous playset from the third game’s scenes and inspires strategic thinking

FNAF Toy-Cons

  • This playset appeals better to kids who played FNAF 3
  • The mini-figure doesn’t have many movable joints

#02 FNAF Backstage Construction Kit

FNAF Backstage Construction Kit

Do you know what makes the FNAF construction toys even better? They’re fantastic because most of them fit together with other kits. For example, this construction set fits Freddy’s Office and the Pirate Cove. In addition, kids can enjoy creative thinking by piecing together other animatronic headpieces with Withered Chica.

FNAF Toy Features

  • Origin: FNAF 2
  • Type: FNAF construction toy
  • Animatronics: Withered Chica, Endoskeleton, and other animatronic headpieces
  • Pieces: 163

FNAF Toy Pros

  • It comes from the scenes in the second game
  • The FNAF construction playset includes a few weird details that mix and match
  • Withered Chica is a nightmare that appeals to horror-themed game fans
  • The construction set fits beautifully with others for better gameplay
  • These playsets inspire creative and strategic thinking

FNAF Toy-Cons

  • The extra headpieces are exceptionally creepy for some kids
  • Chica’s arms add more creepiness to the mix

#03 FNAF Classic Series Show Stage Construction Kit

FNAF Classic Series Show Stage Construction Kit

The FNAF Show Stage construction set also fits the backstage kit. In addition, the mini-figures all mix and match, and children can enjoy creating weird new animatronics with interchangeable pieces. This playset is enjoyable because it has more components than most, including miniature kits from other series.

FNAF Toy Features

  • Origin: FNAF 2
  • Type: FNAF construction toy
  • Animatronics: Chica, Bonnie, and Freddy
  • Pieces: 314

FNAF Toy Pros

  • The Show Stage building kit has more pieces than most FNAF sets
  • It fits with other construction sets from the first four games
  • The collection also has the interactive joystick on the arcade cabinet
  • Kids get three famous animatronics in their half-natural states
  • The kit inspires creativity by encouraging kids to design new animatronics

FNAF Toy-Cons

  • You won’t need the arcade construction set if you have this pack unless you want Phantom Freddy
  • The mascot-version animatronics can be boring for horror-themed fans

#04 FNAF Deluxe Concert Stage Construction Kit

FNAF Deluxe Concert Stage Construction Kit

The concert stage playset comes from the Pizzeria Simulator, one of the more famous FNAF games. My son has played the game twice and enjoys the creepy animatronics and gameplay. The playset also includes three of the favorite animatronics in their rocking versions. Also, this playset fits with the corn maze and salvage room.

FNAF Toy Features

  • Origin: FNAF Pizzeria Simulator
  • Type: FNAF construction playset
  • Animatronics: Rockstar Chica, Rockstar Freddy, and Rockstar Bonnie
  • Pieces: 223

FNAF Toy Pros

  • It comes from one of the much-loved horror-themed games
  • The FNAF playset is another fabulous challenge with over 200 pieces
  • It includes three of the primary animatronic mini-figures
  • The set inspires creative and strategic thinking through role-playing games
  • It becomes a brilliant FNAF collectible set once kids build it

FNAF Toy-Cons

  • The miniature figures don’t have enough articulation for fun games
  • The set fits with scenes from Help Wanted, a different FNAF game

#05 FNAF Freddy’s Office Construction Kit

FNAF Freddy's Office Construction Kit

Freddy’s office is suspected to be the safest place every new security guard thinks when they start playing the game. However, Golden Freddy is a sad, abandoned animatronic hiding in the office. Kids have to use strategic thinking to outmaneuver the bear. So, the FNAF security office playset is an excellent starter for kids.

FNAF Toy Features

  • Origin: FNAF 2
  • Type: FNAF construction toy
  • Animatronics: Golden Freddy
  • Pieces: 132

FNAF Toy Pros

  • Freddy’s office is a pinnacle playset for FNAF fans who played the first games
  • It’s another FNAF construction playset compatible with many other kits
  • It’s a medium-level challenge to build the model first
  • Golden Freddy is an iconic animatronic from the FNAF games
  • Kids also get a hidden item in the office, Chica’s cupcake

FNAF Toy-Cons

  • None of the mini-figures have many movable joints
  • The office playset is a lot more exciting when you add others

#06 FNAF Fun With Balloon Boy Construction Kit

FNAF Fun With Balloon Boy Construction Kit

Balloon Boy is already creepy, but turning him into a nightmare animatronic is tempting horror-themed gamers  ‘ fates. However, these playsets aren’t as compatible with the others. Instead, Nightmare Balloon Boy’s playset fits better with the arcade cabinet and Phantom Foxy’s hallway construction kit.

FNAF Toy Features

  • Origin: FNAF 4
  • Type: FNAF construction playset
  • Animatronics: Nightmare Balloon Boy
  • Pieces: 30

FNAF Toy Pros

  • It’s an easy build to create Nightmare Balloon Boy and his scene
  • Balloon Boy is typically my worst and creepiest animatronic
  • The miniature figure has a few movable joints for scene replays
  • It comes from the fourth game, preferred by younger players
  • The nightmare animatronics are pretty popular among gamers

FNAF Toy-Cons

  • The playset feels minimal and doesn’t inspire much creative thinking
  • Children won’t find many strategic inspirations from this set, either

#07 FNAF Nightmare Freddy With Bed Construction Kit

FNAF Nightmare Freddy With Bed Construction Kit

Nightmare Freddy can stir demons because he looks like an undead bear with mechanical skills. Nothing’s freakier than seeing this nightmare-installing animatronic in a bedroom. Hence, this playset makes sense for game fans. It’s also an uncomplicated construction toy that fits with other FNAF 4 models.

FNAF Toy Features

  • Origin: FNAF 4
  • Type: FNAF construction playset
  • Animatronics: Nightmare Freddy, Freddles, and Freddy Fazbear
  • Pieces: 81

FNAF Toy Pros

  • Nightmare Freddy is one of the more popular animatronics
  • Kids get four creepy versions of Nightmare Freddy and an average Fredbear figure
  • The bedroom has a freaky feeling in the games, situated right behind the guard
  • Things get weirder when kids can change the animatronic headpieces
  • Each animatronic figure has some movable joints

FNAF Toy-Cons

  • The scene is more nightmarish than most
  • Changing the miniature figure headpieces turns the playset into an off-screen horror

#08 FNAF Number Four Action Figure Playset

FNAF Number Four Action Figure Playset

Construction playsets don’t cover all the games and miss some essential animatronics. For example, Ennard and Twisted animatronics are uncommon. So, adding action figure playsets is vital to inspire children to reenact the stories of how their guards defeated the creepy animatronics. In addition, they have better articulation.

FNAF Toy Features

  • Origin: FNAF 4
  • Type: FNAF action figures
  • Animatronics: Funtime Foxy, Twisted Foxy, Twisted Freddy, Twisted Chica, Twisted Bonnie, Twisted Freddy, and Ennard
  • Pieces: 6

FNAF Toy Pros

  • Ennard is an unusual animatronic to find in action figure playsets
  • The Twisted Ones are also hard to find among other playsets
  • Kids can change the head and arm pieces between animatronics
  • The role-playing games are endless, with action figures
  • Children get six favorite FNAF animatronic figures to inspire strategic games

FNAF Toy-Cons

  • The Funtime Foxy animatronic figure doesn’t fit well with the rest
  • Children have to assemble these action figures first

#09 FNAF Pirate Cove Construction Kit

FNAF Pirate Cove Construction Kit

Let’s return to the earlier games to see another brilliant playset that includes Foxy’s hideaway in the pizzeria. Foxy loves attention but was abandoned in the back pirate cove because he got damaged. Foxy is one of my son’s favorite animatronics, and the set fits well with the FNAF Backstage construction toy.

FNAF Toy Features

  • Origin: FNAF 2
  • Type: FNAF construction playset
  • Animatronics: Foxy
  • Pieces: 94

FNAF Toy Pros

  • It’s Foxy’s original animatronic that doubles as a collectible
  • Foxy also has movable joints for added fun with strategy games
  • The set fits with other FNAF 2 construction kits
  • It’s not too challenging, and the show curtain can open and close
  • The pirate cove looks like a creepy shower like it does in the game

FNAF Toy-Cons

  • Children only get the standard version of Foxy and no other animatronics
  • It’s another playset from the earlier games, but I’ll add toys for the later games soon

#10 FNAF Pizzeria Simulator Action Figure Playset

FNAF Pizzeria Simulator Action Figure Playset

This action figure pack is my favorite for many reasons. Firstly, it comes from one of the top FNAF games. Secondly, it includes the security guard, a rare action figure among the playsets. Finally, the action figures are better quality and excellent choices for FNAF collectors. So, I highly recommend this pack for young fans.

FNAF Toy Features

  • Origin: FNAF Pizzeria Simulator
  • Type: FNAF action figures
  • Animatronics: Twisted Freddy, Twisted Chica, Twisted Foxy, Twisted Bonnie, Springtrap, and the Security Guard
  • Pieces: 6

FNAF Toy Pros

  • Kids get every necessary animatronic and the guard to role-play the games
  • The figures are more collectible than other playsets
  • Each FNAF action figure has good movable elements for gameplay
  • It’s one of the few playsets with Twisted animatronics
  • The figures are good-quality and long-lasting PVC models

FNAF Toy-Cons

  • Children might not want to remove the figures from their collectible packs
  • Two of the figure’s masks come off, making them look creepier than normal

#11 FNAF Scooping Room Construction Kit

FNAF Scooping Room Construction Kit

The scooping room is a nightmarish hell in Sister Location because it’s where the animatronics meet their makers. The machine takes the animatronic endoskeletons off. It then leaves parts lying all over. The playset looks like a horror scene, and you feel sorry for the animatronics. I bet you never thought that was possible.

FNAF Toy Features

  • Origin: FNAF Sister Location
  • Type: FNAF construction toy
  • Animatronics: Masked Ennard
  • Pieces: 176

FNAF Toy Pros

  • The FNAF Scooping Room playset is a nightmare scene from a favorite game
  • The playset comes with an Ennard figure for collectibility
  • It also has random pieces from other animatronics lying around
  • Kids can enjoy animatronic parts from Funtime versions
  • It’s a slightly challenging build for younger kids

FNAF Toy-Cons

  • The room undoubtedly sends chills up your spine
  • The construction toy is becoming harder to find at stores

#12 FNAF Security Breach Action Figure Playset

FNAF Security Breach Action Figure Playset

Security Breach is another favorite FNAF game for many kids. In addition, it includes newer animatronics like the Glamrock variations, Roxanne, and Montgomery. You won’t easily find Roxanne in other action figure packs, making this playset ideal for young fans. It also shows the new pizzeria’s animatronics from the game.

FNAF Toy Features

  • Origin: FNAF Security Breach
  • Type: FNAF action figures
  • Animatronics: Roxanne Wolf, Glamrock Freddy, Glamrock Chica, Glamrock Foxy, and Montgomery Gator
  • Pieces: 5

FNAF Toy Pros

  • The animatronics come from a new location called Freddy Fazbear’s Mega PizzaPlex
  • It includes animatronics you don’t readily find in other packs
  • The Glamrock animatronics look far less spooky than others
  • Each action figure has movable joints for added fun
  • The action figures can inspire role-playing and strategic gameplay

FNAF Toy-Cons

  • The pack doesn’t include the daycare attendant, Burntrap, or Glamrock Endos
  • Children can’t remove the animatronic’s musical instruments

#13 FNAF Sister Location Action Figure Playset

FNAF Sister Location Action Figure Playset

The FNAF Sister Location game also has many variants for action figures. So, I selected this pack because it has three versions of Freddy. However, the Chica action figure looks comically creepy with those giant teeth. In contrast, the other animatronics look freakier with their nightmarish grins and deceitful faces.

FNAF Toy Features

  • Origin: FNAF Sister Location
  • Type: FNAF action figures
  • Animatronics: Golden Freddy, Fredbear, Freddy, Chica, and Foxy
  • Pieces: 5

FNAF Toy Pros

  • Children get three variants of Freddy Fazbear in this pack
  • Every animatronic looks scary for horror game fans, except for Chica
  • Golden Freddy looks even more deceiving than Nightmare Foxy
  • The action figures have movable joints to inspire creative games
  • Figure playsets have more role-playing potential than most

FNAF Toy-Cons

  • Chica doesn’t hold the famous cupcake from the games
  • It doesn’t include the iconic animatronics from the game

#14 FNAF Sister Location Series 2 Action Figure Playset

FNAF Sister Location Series 2 Action Figure Playset

The FNAF Sister Location game has more animatronics than many games. So, I wanted a second pack of action figures with different animatronics. Funtime Freddy and Funtime Foxy join the club. Still, it holds three animatronics you don’t find in other playsets. In addition, the pack has a weird Ennard edition for young fans.

FNAF Toy Features

  • Origin: FNAF Sister Location
  • Type: FNAF action figures
  • Animatronics: Funtime Freddy, Funtime Foxy, Ennard, Ballora, and Baby
  • Pieces: 5

FNAF Toy Pros

  • The pack brings more unusual animatronics to life for gameplay
  • Action figure playsets are ideal for role-playing strategy games
  • Each figure has movable joints for action-packed activities
  • Ballora and Baby aren’t common in other playsets
  • The Ennard action figure will ignite more nightmares for horror game fans

FNAF Toy-Cons

  • The action figures could have improved articulation
  • The pack also doesn’t include every popular animatronic from Sister Location

#15 FNAF Upper Air Vent Construction Kit

FNAF Upper Air Vent Construction Kit

The FNAF Upper Air Vent construction set is another ideal option for kids who want to build the entire pizzeria. In addition, Mangle is a missing animatronic from the second game. My son enjoys the weird little monster with Toy Bonnie’s head. However, it looks like a bunch of screws and nuts thrown together.

FNAF Toy Features

  • Origin: FNAF 2
  • Type: FNAF construction set
  • Animatronics: Mangle
  • Pieces: 88

FNAF Toy Pros

  • The playset includes the unusual Mangle animatronic mini-figure
  • It fits with other FNAF playsets from the second game
  • The set encourages strategic and creative thinking
  • The buildable diorama is a long-lasting PVC model that becomes collectible
  • The miniature figure has some movable parts for gameplay

FNAF Toy-Cons

  • The set doesn’t include any significant animatronics from the second game
  • The playset comes from a mini-game within FNAF 2

#16 Funko FNAF Series One Action Figure Playset

Funko FNAF Series One Action Figure Playset

Funny enough, I saved the best and most collectible action figure playset for last. In addition, the playset has many surprises that make it a winner for FNAF fans. Firstly, Chica has her cupcake from the original games. Secondly, there’s a surprise build-a-character: Springtrap. Finally, it’s a Funko collection with collectible value.

FNAF Toy Features

  • Origin: FNAF 1
  • Type: FNAF action figures
  • Animatronics: Golden Freddy, Freddy, Chica with a cupcake, Foxy, and Bonnie
  • Pieces: 6

FNAF Toy Pros

  • Children get the original five animatronics with a surprise build-a-character
  • Kids can be creative and design Springtrap from the extra parts
  • Funko Pop makes the best, most durable, and longest-lasting vinyl figures
  • Each action figure has articulated movements to add exciting gameplay
  • Funko action figures also inspire strategic games and creative thinking

FNAF Toy-Cons

  • You must buy the pack of five to build Springtrap
  • Young fans might not want to play with the package but collect them instead


Question: Which FNAF Action Figure Is the Best?

Answer: The best FNAF action figures come from Funko. In addition, they have movable joints, unlike Funko Pop figures. My ultimate favorites are the Funko FNAF Rockstar Foxy and the Funko FNAF Pigpatch action figures. My Funko FNAF action figures look better and have more color and details than other animatronics.

Question: Which FNAF Plushies Are the Best?

Answer: Maybe I’m a Funko freak, but the Funko FNAF plush is the best. They’re adorable, good-quality, and have a massive variety of licensed plushies. Funko is the only licensed FNAF plush. My favorite options include the Exclusive Funko FNAF Captain Foxy Plush and the Funko FNAF El Chip Plush because they’re adorable.

Question: Where Can I Buy the FNAF Construction Sets?

Answer: Unfortunately, many of the FNAF construction sets on the McFarlane Toys website are no longer available. It’s terrible news because some sets fit with others to create more significant scenes. However, some stores still stock a few options, including Walmart, Target, and Toy Wiz. Alternatively, look for them on eBay.

Best FNAF Toys Guide: Conclusion

Five Nights at Freddy’s toys have a sense of nostalgia for gamers, especially the construction sets, because many of them are no longer available. Don’t worry; I shared available construction toys. In addition, FNAF has various incredible plushies and action figures from Funko. However, I chose playsets that target specific games.

Moreover, I included playsets that recreate strategic scenes from each popular game. Of course, you’re sure to find a top choice for your young fan if they played any of the best FNAF games. However, I recommend starting them with the FNAF Classic Series Show Stage Construction Kit.

My favorite set is the best challenge for building kits. Meanwhile, the playset also contains various iconic animatronics for FNAF fans. It can expand to a more extensive set with other editions. So, please don’t waste time because you’ll become the next FNAF hero when you buy your child the playset from their favorite game.

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