Best Minions Toys Guide By Type for Banana-Crazed Kids

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Minions toys are countless, and you can find one for each type your kid loves. The Best Minions Toys Guide will make you want to yell, banana! Whether you shout it for joy or cringe each time, you hear it will depend on what kind of Minions toy you’re trying to find.

The annoying yellow Minions are a themed toy that kids can’t get enough of. Still, with so many available, you need to choose one by activity or age. Sure, I’ll show you the cons beyond the banana craze, but the toys also have pros, the main one being how much kids love the Minions.

I’ll break the toys into various types based on popularity and price before choosing the best one for each category. Have you seen a child wanting a new Minions toy? Let’s just say my kids start foaming at their mouths. Therefore, let’s help you find one for your kid before that happens.

The Bottom Line First

As a mother and toy collector, I consider multiple reasons for choosing the best toys under a theme. I rely on feedback and pricing because toys can become an expensive hobby for collectors. I also prefer positive feedback because I want my kids to enjoy the toys for more than a day before tossing them.

The Minions are an annoying toy theme when your kids don’t stop surprising you with the famous banana phrase; however, kids love the yellow monsters. They’re also cute and addictive to collectors. My ultimate pick from the theme meets my collector needs and my kids’ love for Minions.

There’s a Minion toy for every need, child, or adult. The Funko Pop Pajama Bob is an exceptional toy that meets both needs. The Minions Balle Otto Interactive Toy will have your kids laughing and learning if you want an educational toy. If you want a plushy friend for your child, Jumbo Plush Stuart will do the job.

Choosing your favorite Minion from the best 2022 toys is as simple as knowing what you want from the toy. Owning a Minion toy is a no-brainer if your child loves the yellow monsters. I also recommended the Minions if you’re going to collect trending toys from 2022. Either way, get yourself or your kid a new Minion toy today.

My Best Picks at a Glance

Minions toys

You can divide the Minions toys available in 2022 into ten categories. These are my best choices from each category. I’ll give you a quick reason why I chose them, but I’ll break them down further soon enough.

  1. My ultimate Minions toy is the Funko Pop Pajama Bob action figure because it knocks two birds with one stone. It’s excellent for Funko Pop collectors and Minions fans.
  2. The winning Minions construction toy is the Lego Minions Unstoppable Bike Chase. It comes with Bob, Stuart, and Gru, and kids get to build a monstrous bike that looks unstoppable.
  3. The best creative Minions toy prize goes to Play-Doh Minions Disco Dance-Off. Play-Doh is an essential toy for kids developing their agility and creative skills, and adding the Minions is a double-win.
  4. The best Minions fantasy toy is the Minions Loud and Rowdy Stuart. It has endless role-play possibilities with a fun feature: Stuart has a fart gun! Well, your kid won’t be yelling banana all day long.
  5. The winning Minions educational toy is the Minions Babble Otto Interactive Toy. It comes with sounds and phrases that help a toddler develop language and social skills.
  6. The top Minions musical toy is Minions Duet Buddy Singing Disco Bob, who sings Kool and the Gang’s Celebration. Think of it as another song you’ll get tired of hearing, but it’s at least an improvement.
  7. The best Minions plush toy is Jumbo Plush Stuart because everyone loves his friendly and intelligent personality. A plushy is a must-have for any kid, and this Minion plushy is a winner.
  8. The prize for winning the Minions puzzle toy goes to Despicable Me 3 Top Trumps Match Board Game. It’s a family-fun board game for everyone over four years old. It includes all the favorite Minions from the third movie.
  9. The top Minions sports toy is the Minions Bouncy Balls because classic toys make the best sense. Balls get kids outdoors and active, and that’s what parents want from toys.
  10. The best Minions transportation toy is the Hot Wheels Minions Pack. The cars are as adorable as the Minions, and the brand only produces quality products.

Advice for Parents

Despicable Me

I wish someone had advised me before Despicable Me hit our cinemas in 2010. I still cringe every time I hear banana! Who knew little yellow monsters would become the new fad for kids of all ages? You likely had to live with the same bottomless well of surprises each time you heard it.

No one knew where kids adopted this new phrase, but it crawled under every parent’s skin. Before long, kids were yelling it every time they saw one of those despicable yellow grinches. What is a Minion? I appreciate the creation as a writer, but wow, every parent hates it.

You’d think kids would stop being banana-crazed after 12 years, but I often find myself wrong as a parent. My advice is that you set boundaries when your kid loves the Minions. Decide which type of toy your child wants, and choose the best one from that category.

You’ll have no savings left if you allow your kid to have all the Minions toys. Additionally, choose toys appropriate to your child’s age. Many Minions toys aren’t suitable for babies and have choking hazards. The age recommendations always matter. Stick to the recommended ages, and say no when it matters.

If your child happens to be Minion crazy, allow them to have five toys from different categories to fulfill all their educational and developmental needs. After all, playtime is also learning time.

How I Choose the Best Minions Toys

Every parent knows the trials of these yellow characters who grabbed the hearts of our children. If it were up to my banana-crazed kids, I’d own every Minions toy on the market, and worse, I’d be bankrupt. Fortunately, I choose the best Minions toys with two simple factors.

  1. It should be the most popular toy in the category. It must have the most positive feedback from Amazon consumers and no less than 50 reviews, with an approval rating of over 65%.
  2. It shouldn’t cost my mortgage. I’ll be a little flexible on my price ranges, but I won’t exceed $50. It’s even better if it costs less than $25.

Best Minions Toys Guide by Category

Minions toys are a thing and will be for a while to come, and as parents, I recommend we accept it. I also jump out of my skin every time my kids surprise me with banana when they see a Minion. Many toys are tons of fun, even for the whole family. There’s always a silver lining when you look hard enough.

I’ll break each toy into a category to help you choose one that suits your child’s needs. I’ll also share the recommended age group and the potential hazard of each toy. Additionally, I’ll add my second favorite Minion toy as an alternative, which might suit a different age group. Let’s see which Minions toys are trending in 2022.

Best Minions Action Figure Toy (My Number One)

Funko Pop Pajama Bob Minion

The Funko Pop Pajama Bob Minion action figure is highly collectible and loved by all the banana-crazed and Funko Pop brands. Inspired by Minions 2, the figurine showcases adorable Pajama Bob in his sleepiness. It’s a double whammy winner for both fan types, and it’s a collector’s dream.

Key Features

  • Brand: Funko Pop
  • Recommended Ages: 6 years and older
  • Approval Rating: 94%
  • Price Range: Less than $25
  • Interactive: No
  • Collector Potential: Definitely
  • Warning: Choking hazard for toddlers and babies


  • It’s a collectible treasure for kids and adults
  • It’s adorable, colorful, and designed with great attention to detail


  • It’s not suitable for small kids
  • It’s not a main character from the first movie

Recommended Alternative

The Funko Pop Mummy Stuart figurine is a close runner-up, which might be too scary for kids. It maintains an 87% approval rating, costs less than $25, and showcases Stuart, the funny and playful cutie-pie.

Best Minions Construction Toy

Lego Minions Unstoppable Bike Chase

The Lego Minions Unstoppable Bike Chase is a hands-down winner of the construction category. The kit includes Gru, Stuart, and Bob, holding the famous banana in his hand. Build a road hog bike for endless fun and laughter. Lego is a classic construction toy and a must-have.

Key Features

  • Brand: Lego
  • Recommended Ages: 6 years and older
  • Approval Rating: 86%
  • Price Range: Less than $25
  • Interactive: No
  • Collector Potential: Yes
  • Warning: Choking hazard for babies and toddlers (it’s also a foot hazard for parents with children who leave the blocks all over the floor)


  • It’s an incredible option for kids and adults to enjoy, even together
  • It has 136 pieces that build a mean machine with two of the main characters from the first movie


  • It’s not suitable for young kids
  • Banana-crazed kids might get excited with the banana treats that come in the kit (I advise parents to proceed with caution if they cringe when they hear the phrase)

Recommended Alternative

The Mega Blocks Minions Movie Station Wagon Getaway is a great alternative, especially for slightly younger kids (five and older). It maintains a 76% approval rating, costs less than $50, and includes Kevin and Stuart with interchangeable overalls.

Best Minions Creative Toy

Play-Doh Minions Disco Dance-Off

The Play-Doh Minions Disco Dance-Off kit is creative enough to teach physical dexterity, creativity, problem-solving, and social skills. A disco theme inspires the set. Kids also have 14 non-toxic Play-Doh cans to create the most phenomenal Minions they can imagine, whether they exist or not.

Key Features

  • Brand: Play-Doh
  • Recommended Ages: 3 to 6
  • Approval Rating: 84%
  • Price Range: Less than $25
  • Interactive: No
  • Collector Potential: No
  • Warning: Choking hazard for kids under three (and boredom hazard for kids over six)


  • It’s a fun and sensual experience for kids to develop skills
  • It has 14 cans with various colors and shades to have endless fun


  • It bores older kids and isn’t for adults or collectors
  • It’s not a ready-made toy, and you shouldn’t force a kid to play until they’re developmentally ready for it

Recommended Alternative

The Despicable Me 2 Coloring Book with Stickers is another incredible creative toy for young kids. It maintains an 83% approval rating, costs less than $25, and has more than 200 stickers.

Best Minions Fantasy Toy (Role-Play/Pretend Play)

Minions Loud and Rowdy Stuart

The Minions Loud and Rowdy Stuart might be the peace you need from the usual banana songs. Still, your kid will find a new, potentially annoying sound to mask the old one. Fantasy and pretend play is about allowing your child to explore their imagination with unique figurines, maybe learning that farts aren’t okay all the time.

Key Features

  • Brand: Minions Toys
  • Recommended Ages: 4 to 6
  • Approval Rating: 84% (yes, I also don’t know how a farting canon earns this rating)
  • Price Range: Less than $25
  • Interactive: Yes
  • Collector Potential: No
  • Warning: Choking hazard for kids under four


  • It creates tons of fun and laughter for small kids
  • It replaces the annoying banana sound with a new one


  • It’s not suited to older kids or collectors
  • The fart noises might not be funny for all parents

Recommended Alternative

Suppose you prefer your kids playing with pretend toys like army men. In that case, the Fisher-Price Imaginext Minions Figure Pack will suit them better. It maintains an 83% approval rating, costs less than $25, and comes with six figurines, including Gru, Kevin, Otto, Bob, Stuart, and Belle.

Best Minions Educational Toy / Sensory Toy

Minions Babble Otto Interactive Toy

The Minions Babble Otto Interactive Toy is entirely interactive with sounds and phrases to help older toddlers learn new words, sentence structures, and sounds. Otto even sings and surprises you with weird sounds. You can also interact with Otto by placing a coin in his pocket, making him respond.

Key Features

  • Brand: Minions Toys/Mattel
  • Recommended Ages: 4 and older
  • Approval Rating: 78%
  • Price Range: Less than $50
  • Interactive: Yes, fully
  • Collector Potential: No
  • Warning: Choking hazard for kids under four


  • It’s an incredible toy that teaches older toddlers to correct sentence structure and develop improved language skills
  • It also teaches kids to sing multiple songs (it has more than 35 sounds in total), interact with Otto to get responses (great for social skills), and all the parts of movable


  • It’s a pity the toy has choking hazards because it could also work for younger kids
  • It’s not a collector’s item, even if it’s cute

Recommended Alternative

A great alternative for toddlers older than three is the Illumination Laugh and Giggle Kevin Plush. It makes noises for sensory play and responds to a child, teaching cause-and-effect. It maintains a 91% approval rating, costs less than $50, and suits tiny tots.

Best Minions Musical Toy

Minions Duet Buddy Singing Disco Bob

Get ready to teach your kids a new song from the 1970s by enjoying some karaoke. The Minions Duet Buddy Singing Disco Bob is the winner of musical toys from the Minions. The eight-inch Bob sings Celebration on the mic before your kid takes a turn. It’s tons of fun at first, but the song can also become annoying with time.

Key Features

  • Brand: Minions Toys/Mattel
  • Recommended Ages: 4 years and older
  • Approval Rating: 67%
  • Price Range: Less than $25
  • Interactive: Yes
  • Collector Potential: No
  • Warning: Choking hazard for kids under four


  • It’s a means for parents to get banana out of their kids’ heads, and it works well for toddlers and preschoolers
  • The figurine is beautifully detailed, and the 1970s outfit is cute as pie


  • It’s not suitable for small kids or collectors
  • The song will get under your skin eventually (why didn’t they make him with more than one song?)

Recommended Alternative

Let’s face it; there aren’t many good Minions musical toys because the movie creators think farting is hilarious. The Minions sing farting songs, and the Minions Fart and Fire Superblaster is an alternative for musical toys. It maintains an 86% approval rating, costs less than $25, and provides more than 25 farting noises and songs.

Best Minions Plush Toy

Jumbo Plush Stuart

The Jumbo Plush Stuart is a 16″ best friend for your kid who loves Minions. Stuart is soft, huggable, and comforting to smaller kids, and older kids don’t mind having the famed character around. Stuart is the clever Minion with a welcoming demeanor, and kids love him as one of the original characters.

Key Features

  • Brand: Botaro/Illumination
  • Recommended Ages: 3 and older
  • Approval Rating: 93%
  • Price Range: Less than $25
  • Interactive: No
  • Collector Potential: Yes
  • Warning: Kids under three should never sleep with plushies


  • It’s a cuddly friend for small kids, colorful addition for older kids, and a must-have for Minions collectors
  • The details are fantastic, and the quality of the plushy is top-notch, making him machine-washable


  • It might be too big for a collector
  • The plushy is tactile, meaning it feels like a towel

Recommended Alternative

Stuart isn’t the only popular Minion. Jumbo Plush Bob is a close second choice with a 90% approval rating, costing less than $25, and being another famed, original character.

Best Minions Puzzle Toy

Despicable Me 3 Top Trumps Match Board Game

The Despicable Me 3 Top Trumps Match Board Game wins the puzzle category because it has the Minions, fun for the whole family, and 15 of the top characters from the third movie. You get cards with the adorable Minions, Gru, the evil twin, Dru, and Agnes, many of the newer favorites from the third installment.

Key Features

  • Brand: Top Trumps
  • Recommended Ages: 4 and older
  • Approval Rating: 80%
  • Price Range: Less than $25
  • Interactive: No
  • Collector Potential: No
  • Warning: Choking hazard for kids younger than four


  • It’s an excellent game for the family to enjoy together, but it’s not a collector’s item
  • It comes with 15 characters from Minions 3, instructions, and 25 cubes to have fun in many different ways


  • It’s a group activity and doesn’t suit small kids
  • The instructions can be confusing when you first learn to play it

Recommended Alternative

Who doesn’t love playing operation, and why shouldn’t you do it with cute Minions? The Hasbro Game Minions Operation Game has an approval rating of 80%, costs less than $25, and leads to endless laughs. The character is Otto, the easily-distracted but charming little newbie to the family.

Best Minions Sports Toy

Minions Bouncy Balls

The Minions Bouncy Balls are fun and active, helping kids develop gross motor skills and dexterity. Sure, the pack is a party favor addition, but the balls remain toys. Get your kids in the sun, scooping up natural vitamin D, and let them bounce Kevin, Bob, Stuart, Otto, Phil, and Dave all over the backyard.

Key Features

  • Brand: Unique
  • Recommended Ages: 3 and older
  • Approval Rating: 77%
  • Price Range: Less than $25
  • Interactive: No
  • Collector Potential: No
  • Warning: Choking hazard for kids under three


  • It’s an enjoyable toy for younger kids between three and eight
  • It gets kids outside and is one of the few Minions sports toys


  • It’s not a good toy for older kids or collectors
  • The balls are transparent on one end and have the faces on the front

Recommended Alternative

Let me stick to the ball idea because classics never grow old. The Wilson’s Minions Tennis Balls are great for older kids who want to participate in sports. It maintains a 78% approval rating, costs less than $25, and comes as a trio.

Best Minions Transportation Toy

Hot Wheels Minions Pack

The Hot Wheels Minions Pack brings genuine quality to a cuteness overload like never before. The box already steals your cuteness tolerance, but the six cars look like something from another world. One car resembles Gru’s car, but the others look like Minion transformers. The vehicles are a 1:64 scale, perfect for small hands.

Key Features

  • Brand: Hot Wheels
  • Recommended Ages: 3 and older
  • Approval Rating: 91%
  • Price Range: Less than $25
  • Interactive: No
  • Collector Potential: Yes
  • Warning: Choking hazard for kids under three


  • It suits anyone over three, even collectors
  • The cars have beautiful details with imaginative designs and crazy levels of cuteness


  • The cars are a little small (only suitable for small hands)
  • You must know the Rise of Gru movie to know which character represents which car

Recommended Alternative

The Lego Minions Pilot in Training Building Kit is a second choice because airplanes make fantastic transportation toys. It maintains a 90% approval rating, costs less than $50, and doubles as a construction toy to stimulate your child’s thinking powers. It’s also a great collector’s toy.

Recommended Alternatives to Avoid Banana Surprises


Maybe you’re getting sick of hearing about the Minions and want something different. I recommend these alternative toy characters and brands, depending on your child’s age:

  • CoComelon is a range of cute characters with movable body parts for toddlers and preschoolers
  • Toy Story toys are another favorite, especially among preschoolers and tweens
  • Squishmallows offer a wide range of plushies for all ages, from babies to adults, and the characters are just as cute as the Minions
  • Funko Pop action figures are undoubtedly the most popular toys among collectors in 2022, and they come in almost any character or theme you can imagine

Top Q&A

Question: What is the Most Popular Minions Toy in 2022?

Answer: Are you familiar with the game called Exploding Kittens? Well, Exploding Minions is the new rave and maintains the best-selling Minions toy spot on Amazon. It has an 81% approval rating after more than 53,000 reviews, earning every ounce of fame it deserves. It even beats Lego, Funko Pop, and Matchbox Minions.

Question: Which Minions are the Most Popular for Toys in 2022?

Answer: The famed trio Kevin, Stuart, and Bob are the most popular toy inspirations in 2022. The three characters earned their fame in the 2015 movie, Minions. Kids know other Minions, but these three guys are the leading honchos. Buying a toy inspired by any trios is a sure-winner for kids. Original stays the best.

Question: Are Minions Toys Suitable for All Ages, Children, and Adults?

Answer: The Minions are themed toys, and there are toys available for babies, toddlers, and adults who collect action figures and Lego building kits. Funko Pop makes rollerskating Stuart figurines for collectors, Minions Toys makes Fart Blasters for ages four and up, and Just Play makes Jumbo Bob for babies. All ages are welcome.

Best Minions Toys Guide: Final Banana

I wish it were true that this would be the end of the banana phrase, but I know my kids better. The Minions leave impressions in children’s minds, teaching them the annoying habit of saying the infamous word, over and over. Sometimes, I merely accept what I can’t change to avoid the insanity.

From plushies to action figures and Lego sets, Minions are everywhere! I’m a collector of everything famous when it comes to toys and plushies, and Minions entered my collection after my kids relentlessly yelled the phrase. I also gave up and satisfied their needs for Minions toys because every child has one now.

You can allow insanity to drive your home, or you can buy your kid a Minion toy. Choose one that suits their age and the type of toy they enjoy. There’s nothing wrong with buying yourself a Funko Pop Pajama Bob if you want to start collecting Minions. Otherwise, buy your kid a Stuart plushy if they need a best friend.

You can’t prevent your kids from falling in love with the Minions. Buy them a Lego Unstoppable Bike if they have a passion for construction toys. Get them the Loud and Rowdy Stuart Toy if you want to stop hearing banana. Trust me; you’ll reach a point where fart noises are less annoying.

I couldn’t stop my kids, so I gave them what they wanted on my terms. Go back to my advice if you need a reminder that saying no is okay. However, limiting the number of Minions toys works better than saying outright no. I’ve given you the best of each toy category. All you must do is choose which type and get it.

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