Best Moana Toys Guide: How To Pick the Right Moana Toy

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If your little one is a big fan of the strong-willed Moana, then you’ll want to think about getting them some Moana toys. Unfortunately, since there are so many options, it can be hard to pick out the right one.

I’m here to help! Through my years of working with children, plus having nieces, I’ve compiled this list with your little one in mind. So read this best Moana toys guide today to get your child to increase their play and imagination.

Bottom Line Up Front

From Snow White to Belle, Disney characters have changed throughout the years! I love how Moana is an independent daughter of a Polynesian chief who wants to help save her people.

This makes it much more challenging to pick a favorite since there are many to choose from. If I had to pick, though, I’d have to go with the

eKids Moana Sing-Along Boom box Speaker with Microphone. 

I love how it has flashing lights and built-in music for your child to sing along. This is an excellent way for your child to learn different songs while increasing their singing ability.

My Top Picks at a Glance

  1. eKids Moana Sing-Along Boom box Speaker with Microphone: I love how this toy comes with its very own boom box and microphone!
  2. Disney Moana Look and Find Activity Book: It’s an excellent option for a bit older child. They’ll have tons of fun with this activity book
  3. Disney Princess My Friend Moana Doll 14″ Tall: This fun doll comes with such a cute outfit and headband
  4. Moana Disney’s Figure Set Toy Figure: At an affordable price, your child can have plenty of fun with this action-figure toy set.
  5. First Act Disney Princess Moana Ukulele: Have your child practice learning an instrument with this age-appropriate and fun toy at an affordable price.
  6. Okidokiyo Little Girls Princess Moana Costume: Your child will take their imagination to new heights with this dress-up outfit for fun to look like Moana!

Tips for the Reader

Best Moana Toys

As you go through this list, keep your budget in mind first and foremost. I tried to only include affordable options since you shouldn’t break the bank for fun.

If it’s for your child, think about what activities they enjoy to decide on the perfect toy for them. I tried to make this list broad to give you various options at an affordable rate.

Selection Criteria

I tried to ensure that everything on this list was as affordable as possible. You won’t see $100 items here because you don’t have to spend that much on a toy to be fun.

I also tried to include a variety of toys since each child is unique and has their own interests.

Why Should My Child Play With Toys?

When your child plays with toys, it’s a great way to get them to expand on their imagination. As they play, they’ll learn cognitive, motor, and other skills along the way. Play is vital for your child to learn and grow.

Another benefit of playing with various toys is that your child can develop their problem-solving skills. Imagination through play helps children think outside the box to solve different problems.

Toys for Growing Their Imagination

eKids Moana Sing-Along Boom box Speaker with Microphone

Have your child practice their memorization and imagination as they belt it out with this Moana Sing-Along Book Box. They’ll get to pretend that they’re in front of a crowd as they sing along with the microphone.

There are even flashing lights to make it even more exciting. In addition, it includes a song clip, “How Far I’ll Go.” It’s excellent for children three years old and up.


  • Comes with a song already built-in
  • Listen to different playlists
  • Karaoke speaker
  • Microphone


  • It’s not for children under three
  • It only comes with the one song
  • Supervise your child while they play with it due to the long cord

First Act Disney Princess Moana Ukulele

I love how affordable this tiny Ukulele is! It’s also the perfect size for children to enjoy.

Your child will have loads of fun as they learn to play music. In addition, it’s a great way to get them ready for other instruments.


  • Your child will learn how to play an instrument
  • It’s affordable
  • Increase their imagination through play


  • Keep in mind that since it’s a more affordable option, the sound isn’t the best
  • Your child might become bored since it’s a more basic option

Disney Moana 24-Page Imagine Ink Game Book with Imagine Ink Marker

Your child will have tons of fun with this mess-free coloring book. Parents love that since it’s mess-free, they don’t have to worry about stains everywhere. It includes one mess-free marker and 24 pages.


  • It comes with a mess-free marker
  • A beautifully-done coloring book


  • It’s only 24 pages
  • If the marker stops working, it’s hard to find a replacement

Fun Toys for Play

Okidokiyo Little Girls Princess Moan Costume

I love how beautiful this dress-up outfit is! Your child will feel like a child of Polynesia in this gorgeous and colorful costume.

The outfit perfectly matches Moana’s from the movies. There are even options for different ages!


  • The style of this dress is beautiful
  • Your child can pretend to be Moana
  • Beautiful designs
  • The side has a split skirt


  • Be careful with this costume since it could break easily
  • The quality isn’t the best for some since it’s inexpensive

Moana Disney’s Figure Set Toy Figure

At an affordable price, you can have this figurine set. Your child will be able to play with their favorite characters from the movie. It even includes the animals from the movie too!


  • Affordable
  • It comes with your favorite characters from the movie
  • Great for kids ages four and up


  • It’s not for kids under four
  • The quality isn’t the best option out there since it’s more affordable

Activity and Play Options

Disney Moana Look and Find Activity Book

This look and find activity book is excellent for various ages and comes as a hardcover book. However, it’s best for the ages between three and six years old.

I love how creative and colorful the illustrated pages are. It’s a great way to increase your child’s vocabulary too!


  • Great for preschoolers
  • Your child will increase their vocabulary as they play with it
  • Colorful pages for your child to learn and play with


  • It’s not for ages younger than three or ages older than six
  • it’s only 24 pages

Disney Princess My Friend Moana Doll

Your child can have hours of play pretending to be Moana. It increases your child’s imagination as they play with this doll. She even comes with this cute outfit and headband.

It’s great for children who are three and older. She’s about 14 inches tall, an excellent height for play and travel.


  • Have your doll wear different outfits since her costume is removable
  • An easy to remove headband
  • Great for kids three and older


  • Not an interactive toy
  • Your child might get bored of her after a while since she doesn’t come with any accessories

Disney Pua Plush Moana

Don’t forget about Moana’s pal, Pua! Enjoy play-time with Moana by having this Pua plush.

I love his coloring since he looks like his character in the movie. Plus, he’s super soft and cuddly!


  • Great for play-time
  • Cuddly and soft
  • Looks like the pig from the movie
  • Affordable


  • Not an interactive toy
  • No accessories

Disney Moana New Spring 2018 Young Moana Doll

Baby Moana is an excellent gift for younger children! Plus, she comes with accessories, including a turtle and a flower for her hair.

She still has the same adorable outfit too! I absolutely love her outfit and how colorful it is. She can also play in the water during bath time.


  • Absolutely adorable
  • Great for kids between 36 months-72 months
  • Great for in the water or out of


  • It’s not an excellent option for various ages
  • Your child might get bored of this toy once they’re older

Disney Moana – Follow the Stars – Twinkling Lights Adventure!

Follow along with this retelling of the Moana story. You’ll get to see the different characters, including Te Fiti, Grandma Tala, Pua, Maui, and of course, Moana!

It’s interactive since there are twinkling lights. This will help your little one stay engaged while they read the book with you.


  • Engaging delivery thanks to the twinkling lights
  • Various characters
  • A retelling of the story


  • Older children might get bored since they’ve heard the story before
  • It’s better for younger children only

Disney Princess Moana Adventure Figure

I love how this doll isn’t made up with makeup like other dolls. Instead, she looks like Moana with gorgeous dark curls and perfectly-tanned skin.

I love her colorful dress and necklace too! Her necklace really seems to stand out.


  • A beautiful doll that’s accurate to the character
  • Affordable
  • The dress looks like Moana’s


  • She’s not interactive
  • Since she doesn’t come with other accessories, older kids might get bored easier

The Best Moana Dolls (Pricier)

JAKKS Disney Moana Doll

I love how this Moana doll can be placed in different poses during play. She even comes with a hair comb to brush her hair and put it in different styles.


  • A large doll that poses
  • Brush her hair
  • Comes with a comb


  • She’s quite expensive
  • She’s not for children under three years old

Disney Moana Singing Adventure Doll with Friends

I love how this doll sings, making a great gift for your child. She comes with her beautiful necklace batteries, and she comes with her friends Hei Hei and Pua.

Take her on an adventure while she says twelve different movie phrases.


  • She sings her song, “How Far I’ll Go.”
  • She comes with her friends Hei Hei and Pua
  • She has her beautiful necklace as well


  • She’s pricier
  • You’ll need to worry about replacing her batteries eventually

How To Pick the Best Moana Toys

First, decide on your child’s favorite character from the movie. From there, you can think about your budget before you buy them toys.

Be honest with yourself about what you can afford, and don’t feel bad if you can’t spend $50 on a toy. Remember that there are plenty of toys under $30 that are fun for your child to play with and grow!

Think about your child’s interests and hobbies while you pick out a suitable toy. If you’re unsure what toys they enjoy the most, you can ask them.


Question: How Old is Moana?

Answer: She’s sixteen years old!

Question: Is Moana a Princess?

Answer: She’s considered part of the Disney Princesses. Her father is Chief Tui.

Question: What Color are Moana’s Eyes?

Answer: Brown.

Question: Is Moana Based on a True Story?

Answer: It’s based on the heritage and history of the Polynesian islands. Although it takes place on the fictional island of Motunui.

Question: Does Moana Have Curly Hair?

Answer: Yes, she has long and dark curly hair.

Question: What is the Average Price of a Moana Toy?

Answer: The price varies, you could easily find a Moana toy for under $30 though! Most of this list is under $30.

Question: What are the Best Moana Toys for Toddlers?

Answer: Maui’s Hook, Moana Dress Up, and the Hide and Play Hut

Exploring the Best Moana Toys Guide

I love so many of these toys in the best Moana toys guide since Moana is a strong-willed and brave character. She’s much different than the other Disney princesses as well.

Suppose I had to choose a favorite toy to celebrate Moana. In that case, it’d have to be the eKids Moana Sing-Along Boom box Speaker with Microphone. So your child can sing along to their favorite playlists, plus it comes with a song already ready to play. It even comes with a microphone for your little one to sing along. 

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