Alexandra Gavrilescu

Alexandra is a skilled content writer with more than 5 years of experience and knowledge of both SEO and editing. She has numerous areas of content writing expertise and one of her favorite topics is toys. Being a child at heart, Alexandra loves talking about toys from her childhood, and indeed, her present and this firsthand knowledge makes her content a stellar read everytime!

Best 2000s Era Toys

Growing up in the 2000s was truly wonderful and magical due to all those cool fashion trends, fun yet straightforward toys created for kids, iconic movie stars, and more. Back then, there wasn’t any social media platform that could have taken control of the children’s lives. So, they were free to play inside or outside,

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Best Stress Toys Guide

Small actions like playing with your hair, tapping your fingers, bouncing your knees, or any other small movement of restlessness are known as fidgeting. It’s widespread among individuals who deal with anxiety. It’s also a coping mechanism for those who have ADHD. Through these motions, the body releases certain substances that help us boost our

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